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Rome birthday 2024 MMDCCLXXVII Dies Romana

Last Updated on 26. February 2024

Rome birthday. On April 21, 753 BC Romulus is said to have founded the city. With this date the chronology of the city begins and thus in the year 2024 (in Roman numerals MMXXIV) we have the year 2777 since the foundation of Rome.

The founding day of Rome is celebrated in a big way. The date was calculated by the astrologer Tarunzio, a friend of Cicero, shortly before the turn of the Christian era.

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Events for Rome’s birthday

The Gruppo Storico Romano organizes exhibitions, events and a parade every year at the Circus Maximus on the founding day of Rome.  In 2024 the festivities will take place from 17 to 21 April.

Historical groups from around the world take part. In the Maximus Circus there is not only an arena for the plays, but also a large village with Roman and barbarian camps. There are different scenarios from the archaic period to the late imperial period.

There is also a magical night at the Pantheon in a scenic atmosphere.

The grand parade on Sunday April 21 will go from Circus Maximus to Piazza Venezia and across the Imperial Forums past the Colosseum to the Circus Maximus. Gruppo Storico Romano on Facebook>

The Castrum

As in the past, the Gruppo Storico Romano builds a Castrum at the Circus Maximus. From April 17 to 21 is the area for demonstrations and the didactic area on civil, military and religious life in ancient Rome. There is also a photographic exhibition of the previous editions of the “Birthday of Rome”.

For children there is a gladiator school.

The program

The theme of the year 2024 is Roma Regina Viarum. A conference is dedicated to it in the Auditorium of the Ara Pacis, the Altar of Peace of Emperor Augustus.

Performances at the Circus Maximus

The participating groups perform each afternoon. There are gladiator fights, ancient dances, theater and re-enactments of historical moments.


19:30 Renewal of the sacred fire – Piazza in Campo Marzio.

20:00 At the Pantheon BENEDICTIO VRBI Historical spectacle for the founding day of Rome


Photo exhibition 10 – 18

Rome Foundation Festival

Information stands on civil, military and religious life, gladiator school for children 10 – 14

Rito ai numi romani Rite to honor and remember the values of the Roman world. – Circo Massimo 11 – 12

Meeting with writers 11 – 14

17:30 Tracciato del Solco Re-enactment of the founding of the city with a representation between history and legend in four acts – Circo Massimo

18:30 Le Palille Re-enactment by the Vestals of the feast of the Palilia: an ancient agricultural-pastoral festival sacred to Pales, patron deity of the flocks and herds – Circo Massimo

Concert of the Italian Army 19 – 20:30


Dance of the Vestal Virgins Rome

Photo exhibition 10 – 18

Training camp of gladiator schools 10 – 12

Information stands on civil, military and religious life, gladiator school for children 10 – 14

Meeting with writers 11 – 14

12:00 Military Sacrament

HARPASTUM – Roman soccer 15 – 16:30

Gladiator fights 15 – 16

2nd tournament “Ulphgar” between gladiator schools 17:30 – 19

Traditional chants “Lavinia al Circo Massimo” and coronation of DEA ROMA 2024 19 – 21


Rome foundation day parade

09:00 Gathering of the groups in the Circus Maximus

10:00 Address by the President

10:30 COMMISSIO FERIARUM – Opening Ceremony

11:00 HISTORICAL PROCESSION It goes from Circus Maximus to the Theater of Marcellus – Piazza Venezia – Via dei Fori Imperiali – Via di San Gregorio, and back to Circus Maximus

14:00 Concert by the Municipal Police Band


Parade 2022 photo gallery

8 thoughts on “Rome birthday 2024 MMDCCLXXVII Dies Romana”

  1. I will be in Rome on April 20th and the 21st 2019.I am interested in viewing a parade.I need help finding time and location of events.

    • Hi Steven, the parade is on Monday 22 but 20 and 21 are several shows at the Circus Maximus. The rite on Sunday 21 at the fori imperiali starting 10 am shall be interesting too.
      Here you find information about April in Rome.

  2. Hello, 2 Qs:
    All dates here are for 2019 right (as I see some of the comments are from 2018..)?
    Also, do you know when are the fireworks show in the Colosseum?
    Thank in advance.

    • Hi Yaron,
      yes, all information is updated to 2019.
      I have no evidence about fireworks at the Colosseum. Fireworks shall be June 29 on the Pincio above Piazza del Popolo.
      On New Years Eve there were fireworks on the Palatine Hill. I took some picture and posted them on our Facebook Page.

  3. Does anybody know how you get to take part in the costumed parade procession ?

    Can you just turn up and join in ?

    Thanks for any help.


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