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Immerse yourself in Roman lifestyle and delicious food. Markets and delies, supermarkets and wine shops, here you learn what Rome has to offer. Whether you want to get your own in Rome or buy a souvenir and a culinary holiday reminder, here you’ll find all the information.

Groceries in Rome · Delicacies

Delicatessen Rome
Cold cuts shop in the city center

Deli specialities in Rome, the offer is huge. Air-dried ham from Parma, from Tuscany or the Apennines, Buffalo mozzarella from Campania, cheese and cold cuts from all regions and marinated vegetables belong to the appetizer as antipasti.

Many supermarkets offer a counter where cold cuts are freshly sliced.

Delicatessens, however, offer a larger selection and select products, which you can not find in the supermarket.

The best known deli shops are Paciotti in the north-west of the Vatican, Via Marcantonio Bragadin, Cipro metro station, and Volpetti at the pyramid in Via Marmorata at the bus stop of line 23, 75, 280, 716. The metro station Piramide is at a quarter mile.

Buying fish Rome Eataly
Fish branch at Eataly Rome

The high end supermarket Eataly is located on the back of the Ostiense railway station. From the Piramide metro station there is a direct passage, it will be around a quarter mile.

Inside Eataly you can find quality restaurants and you can buy good quality products from all Italian regions. Eataly offers selected products, also directly from farmers or small handcrafter, fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, pasta, bread, oil, wine, beer, juices and everything that is found in Italy.

Eataly is open daily from 9am to midnight.

Groceries in Rome Castroni
Castroni branch in Rome

A coffee-maker with several branches and specialties from all over the world is Castroni. Many special products can only be found at Castroni only in Rome.

Groceries in Rome · Supermarkets

Supermarkets in Rome Logos The names of the supermarkets are Todis, Conad, SMA, Auchan, Carrefour, Elite, Panorama and others. Lidl and Eurospin are only available in the periphery and are usually only accessible by car.

Most large supermarkets are also open on Sundays and close only on high holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and Ferragosto (on August 15).

The supermarkets in Rome open in the morning between 8 and 9 and close in the evening between 8 and 10.

A cheap chain is Todis. Here you can find good cheap products, fruits and vegetables, cold meats, cheese, bread and in some markets a meat counter and a fish department.

Panorama, Auchan, Carrefour, SMA and Conad have a bigger variety of products, but are more expensive.

Many supermarkets offer bread and pizza from their own production as well as fried foods.

Organic food: The most organic supermarkets are part of the Naturasì group. 

Groceries in Rome · Bread

Panella Rome Pastries
Pastry at Panella

Yeast, salt, water and flour are the ingredients of the Roman bread and the pizza. Mixed bread and wholemeal bread are not a tradition in Rome. In addition to bread, the bakery – il panificio – in Rome also offers sweet pastries and pizzas. Many also offer small dishes.

In the center, bakeries now also offer mixed breads. In the groceries you can find a wide variety of breads, wood oven baked bread from the Castelli Romani, unsalted bread from Tuscany (pane sciapo) or bread from Altamura in Apulia. In the delicatessen shop Volpetti you will even find paarl bread and palapear bread from the South Tyrolean Venosta Valley.

Fresh artisanal pretzels can be found in the Viennese pastry shop La Dolceroma in the ghetto, to the left of Gigetto at Portico d’Ottavia. Pretzels and rolls are also available at the in-store bakeries at Lidl.

The most famous bakery in Rome is Panella on Via Merulana. It’s on the left if you come from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Here you will find a wide selection of bread, pizza and pastries, Arabic sweets and a delicatessen shop.


Food markets in Rome · mercati rionali

Esquilino market Food shopping fruit In almost every neighborhood in Rome you can find a food market where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and household goods. The markets are generally open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 2pm, some also slightly longer. In some markets you will find restaurants, which are open until 10pm.

One of the most famous markets is the Mercato Trionfale in Via Tunisi, opposite the entrance of the Vatican Museums. Here you can find fresh eggs sorted according to lay date.

In the center you can find markets on Via Flaminia, a few hundred feet from Piazza del Popolo, and on Via Cola di Rienzo, just after Piazza di Risorgimento.

Across from the Macro Testaccio Museum is the Mercato Testaccio. It’s known for it’s street food boxes. At Box 15 you will find Mordi e Vai, a great street food specialist for sandwiches. Here you can have the sandwich filled vegetarian or with all sorts of meats such as tripe, offal, sausages, chicken, beef or veal cut. Opening hours are Monday – Saturday 8am – 3pm. On some weekends the market is open until midnight.

The market with the largest international offer is the Nuovo Mercato Esquilino (according to its previous location also called Esquilino market Food shopping spices Mercato di Piazza Vittorio), which is located on Via Giolitti diagonally opposite the station for regional trains of Termini station (direction of track 29), behind the Hotel Radisson Blu.

In addition, the city is full of small fruit and vegetable shops.
For fruits and vegetables you can usually take by your own or indicate the quantity to:
Mezzo chilo – half a kilo; Un chilo – one kilo; Due chili – two kilos, and so on.
You want a head of lettuce – then you want a piece – un pezzo – di insalata. Two pieces are due pezzi, and so on.
You want a bunch of rughetta, radishes, or anything else – un mazzo di rughetta, ravanelli …

Farmers’ markets in Rome

The Farmers’ Union Coldiretti runs a total of 5 farmers’ markets in Rome. They are open on one or two days for the weekend.

The most famous farmer’s market at Circus Maximus in Via di San Teodoro is open on Saturday and Sunday. November – April 8am-3pm, May – August 8am-7pm.

Another farmers’ market is located near the San Paolo metro station in Via Alessandro Severo in a listed industrial building Google Maps. It is open on Saturday and on Sunday morning.

Groceries in Rome · Meat & fish

In Rome you will find mainly beef (manzo or vitellone), veal (vitello), poultry and lamb (abbacchio). Pork is relatively rare in Roman cooking.

Many butcheries (macellerie) offer already prepared food. Angelo Feroci is well known in Via della Maddalena behind the Pantheon and the butcher Nasini in the Testaccio district.

For the fish you will find in Rome a large selection from cheap imported fish from Acquaculture to freshly caught by fishermen from Fiumicino and Anzio. Many Romans like to eat raw fish and raw crustaceans. Some fishmonger’s (pescherie) offer the products already prepared and you can eat directly in the shop.

Groceries in Rome · Sweets

You will find sweet pastries at the bakeries (panificio) and the confectioneries (pasticceria). In Rome you will find mainly Sicilian specialties. Many almonds and marzipan are processed. From Toscana come the Cantucci, which are often dished in sweet wine.

Venchi Via della Croce
Venchi in Via della Croce

In Italy there is also a long chocolate tradition, especially in Piedmont and at Perugia. A prominent representative of this guild is Venchi with several branches in Rome.

Wine shops in Rome · Wines, grappa, liqueurs and olive oil

In Rome you will find numerous well-stocked wine shops (enoteca). They offer a wide selection of wines as well as liqueurs and short drinks.

A wide selection and good advice are offered eg by the wine shops of the Bernabei Group. You should avoid shops that only advertise with volume discounts and colorful liqueurs.

Typical liqueurs are the yellowish cloudy limoncello made from lemon peel and orange liqueurs from the tangerine or orange peels, Mirto, the dark blackthorn liqueur from Sardinia, and the almost black Nocino made of nuts. esides, there are all sorts of herbal liqueurs and Amari.

Many wine shops also sell olive oil. Other good sources of olive oil are the farmers’ markets and organic supermarkets.


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