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Rome has a simple and inexpensive fare system for metro, bus, streetcar and train. The Metrebus fare is valid for the whole city.

The Rome Metro (subway), bus, tram and trains in the city area belong to the Metrebus tariff network. You can therefore use all local public transport with one ticket.

In addition to the physical individual BIT tickets and the day and week tickets, there is the option of online payment as well as contactless payments on the metro and local railways.

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The Rome underground network

Rome metro map

The metro in Rome suffers from numerous problems due to maintenance delays. For example, there are regularly closed stations for maintenance or unforeseen breakdowns and long waiting times because numerous trains are in the depot for maintenance. In addition, shorter operating hours in the evening are planned into 2023.

The Metro Rome has three lines A, B and C. Line A dates back to 1980. It leads to the city center and the Vatican, carries most of the passengers and is often congested. Line B dates from 1955 and passes the Basilica of St. Paul, Ostiense train station and the Colosseum. Lines A and B cross at Termini Central Station. The modern driverless line C runs from San Giovanni (Metro A) to Pigneto and further east to the outskirts along Via Casilina. Click on the metro map to enlarge it.

Tram lines

Rome tram map
Rome Tram map pdf download

The tram in Rome used to go everywhere. Today there are 6 lines that run through Rome. ue to necessary maintenance work, some lines are cancelled and replaced by buses. Click on the tram plan to enlarge it.

Lines 3 and 19 are particularly picturesque. Line 3 runs from Trastevere train station past Porta Portese and Testaccio. From the pyramid, the ride goes to the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. The route then leads to the basilicas of San Giovanni, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme and San Lorenzo with the Verano monumental cemetery. On the further journey you pass the university and through residential areas to the zoo on the back of Villa Borghese. Line 19 still runs with the old trains from Piazza del Risorgimento near the Vatican to the zoo and on the same route as line 3 to San Lorenzo, then turns onto Via Prenestina. With these two tram lines you can enjoy a nice and interesting day and get to know Rome from a little-known side.

Incidentally, you can rent a historic train from 1928 with 30 seats for excursions. You can take a romantic drive on scenic routes in a small group.

ATAC Rome historic tram 2047

Modern lines are line 2, which goes from Piazzale Flaminio to Parco della Musica and the Olympic Stadium, and line 8, which goes from Piazza Venezia to Trastevere and the Gianicolo.

Lines 5 and 14 and the local train from Termini to Giardinetti are commuter routes to the east of Rome.

Bus routes

Bus routes in Rome reach in the middle of nowhere. However, they only run sporadically and there are no coordinated connections. These are the main lines for tourists:

Bus 23: from the St Peter’s Basilica to St. Paul outside the walls
Bus 40: express line from the central railway station Termini to the Vatican
Bus 62: Connects the Tiburtina railway station to the Vatican. When traveling through the center, it stops in Via del Tritone, near the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps, as well as in Via del Corso, Piazza Venezia, Torre Argentina and Piazza Navona.
Bus 64: Crosses the center on the way from Termini station to St. Peter’s. This line is one of the main attractions for tourists and pickpockets. Important stops are Piazza Venezia, Torre Argentina and Piazza Navona.
Bus 115: From Via del Corso to the Gianicolo and on to Trastevere – unfortunately only very sporadically
Bus 118: From Piazza Venezia to the archaeological area of ​​Via Appia Antica and further to Villa dei Quintili and back
Bus 218: From San Giovanni to the Catacombs San Callisto, San Domitilla and San Sebastiano, and further to the pilgrimage site of Divino Amore
Bus 492: From the Vatican through the center and via Termini to the Basilica of St. Lawrence and on to Tiburtina station
Bus 792: From St. Paul outside the walls to St. John (San Giovanni)

Local trains

Rome has two lines of local trains. The line from the pyramid to Lido di Ostia at the city rate is interesting. For your trip to the sea, you can also get on at the Basilica of San Paolo and get off at the Stella Polare, Castel Fusano or Cristoforo Colombo stations, which are parallel to the coast. Read also A day in Ostia

The line from Piazzale Flaminio serves commuters from the north of Rome.

Regional trains

The regional trains are operated by the state-owned Trenitalia and can be used in the city with the city ticket. From Ostiense, the train is the fastest connection to St. Peter. The closest stop to the Vatican Museums is Valle Aurelia.

With the regional trains there are nice connections to the sea, in the north towards Civitavecchia and in the south towards Anzio and Formia, or in the mountains to Tivoli or Castel Gandolfo.

Rome metro tram and train map

See the map of the metro, tram and trains on Google Maps.


The single BIT ticket costs € 1.50 and is valid for 100 minutes and for one trip on the metro. There is an additional €0.50 for the rechargeable paper ticket. However, you can also make contactless payments in the metro, buses and streetcars.

In addition you can buy tickets for 24h, 48h, 72h and weekly tickets. A 48h ticket or a 72h ticket is included with various Rome Passes.

Children up to 10 years do not need a ticket. A ticket is required for luggage >50x30x25 cm, bicycles and pets with the exception of guide dogs.

There are ticket machines in the metro stations and at some important bus stops. You can also get tickets from many tobacco shops and some newspaper kiosks.

Metrebus Tickets100 minutes24 h72 h7 days
Price1,50 €7 €18 €24 €

Air travelers can book the private pickup at the airport and get a ticket for 72h from the driver. The reservation is very simple and you pay the driver directly.

Metrebus contactless payment

In the metro stations you can also pay contactless at the turnstiles with a credit card or with your cell phone. The same system also works in buses and streetcars. You must use the same card for the turnstiles at the exit. You can then continue to travel by bus and streetcar for up to a total of 100 minutes. In the event of a check, show the credit card with which you paid contactless.

Metrebus Rome apps

You can also pay for the Metrebus tickets using apps. But be careful! Use the app only with the QR code. If you use it with NFC and have a payment app installed on your mobile phone, the fare will be deducted using contactless payment.

In our opinion, the app is an outdated model and we therefore recommend using either the paper ticket or contactless payment.

Where the Roma Metrebus urban zone ends

Rome Metrebus Zone AB
Download Metrebus Zone AB as pdf!

Tickets in the city of Rome are valid for all public transport, bus, train, tram and metro. The tariff boundaries of Zone AB are marked in red in the map, which you can download here. For many City Passes, the use of public transport is already included!


Information on possible connections and departures to the city in Rome are not readily available and also not reliable. The app Moovit Web provides good results. Moovit integrates the data of the public transport company ATAC with the real-time data of the users of the app. Also Google maps gives acceptable results for your route planning.

In public transport and in large gatherings of people, you should be aware of pickpockets. You will find a few tips in our post Pickpockets in Rome!

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  1. Hi!

    How many zones CIRS ticket need i bye for Rome – Castel Gandolfo
    and for Rome – Litoranea/Varco 4 (BUS stop:70087 in OSTIA)

    Best wishes: Kornel

    • Hi Kornel,
      the 3 zone ticket is good from Rome to Castel Gandolfo. For the litoranea probably you need only a city ticket, but the 3 zones CIRS is fine for sure.
      Best, Bernhard

  2. Hi .from ciampo to termini station what zone do I need for main area of city I.e the Vatican can it be used from the airport

    • The city lines 520 from Ciampino airport to Metro A and 720 to Metro B are included in the metropolitan area (defined as 2 zones). From Ciampino city to Rome are 3 zones.


    • Hi,
      you’ll find ticket vending machines at CIA. You have to write your name on the ticket. Probably also the Tourist Information will sell tickets or the tobacconist in the departure hall.
      The Roma Pass is valid 2 or 3 days and includes one or two museums.
      More details about Ciampino airport transfer

  4. I was going to go for the Roma 72 card, but since I am having trouble booking the Colosseum, I’ve been looking for an alternative for the transportation part. It seems that the BTR regional ticket for 1 zone, Roma is a better deal than the ATAC 72 hour ticket. Do they both cover the same modes of transportation within Roma? Can they be purchased at the airport on arrival?

    • The metropolitan area of Rome counts as 2 zones, the cost for 3 days is 16,50 € and it expires at midnight of the 3rd day. The ATAC ticket for 18 € is a 24h ticket. If you are arriving at Fiumicino and leave within midnight of the 3rd day, I suggest to take the BTR 3 zone ticket for 22 €, this includes also the train line FL1 from the airport to the city (stations Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Tiburtina and so on) but not the Leonardo Express. You can buy the ticket at the tobacco shop on the left side of the railways ticket counter.

  5. I live in California, USA. My departure is on November 8, 2019 going to Rome. Can I order today date August 8, 2019 a tickets for 24 hours coming from Germany. When will be delivered in California? As mentioned on your notes, will be delivered one week before my departure it’s a long wait? Please advice what is the good time to order according to my departure? Thank you.

  6. hi there

    it’s unclear to me if the CIS card for 7 days, will take me from ciampino ariport to cinecitta metrostation. and using the samen CIS card to take me to termini or beyond
    all other websites warn me that this will NOT work for airports

    please let me know

    • Hi John,
      these websites have old information. From Ciampino you can use the CIS with the city lines 520 to Cinecittà and 720 to Laurentina. The two lines 520 and 720 are rather new and run from the city bus ATAC.