ATM and credit cards in Italy

ATM and credit cards in Italy.

Credit card payments are more widespread in Italy than in other countries. A law stipulates that even the smallest amounts can be paid by credit card. Even ambulatory seller were seen on the beach accepting credit card payments.

As a result, you will rarely experience businesses that, for whatever reason, do not accept electronic means of payment. It is very rare to find a freaky guy in a bar or restaurant hanging the card reader for decoration under the ceiling.

ATM and credit cards when refuelling

Automatic filling stations are widespread in Italy. These petrol stations have vending machines with a banknote reader and bancomat card function. However, some vending machines do not work with credit cards or foreign bank cards. The machines also give no change and so you should only enter as much money as you can actually refuel.

Cash withdrawal at ATM in Italy

ATMs are called bancomat in Italy and pay a maximum of 250 euros in one transaction. The amount of the fees depends on the conditions of your bank.

If your card is eligible for higher amounts, you may be able to withdraw more money from some circuits like ATMs of Deutsche Bank in Italy.