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Last Updated on 22. January 2024

August is the classic month of summer holidays in Rome and it has a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Combine sightseeing and relaxation, dolce vita and a trip to the sea or the mountains. Rome has a lot to offer in August.

What’s on?

Most of the offices and businesses are closed in the two weeks around the middle of the month “Ferragosto” and many Romans leave the city. There is little traffic and no waiting times. It is very nice to ride through Rome by bike or Vespa.

Rome offers an extensive summer program, the “Estate Romana”. There are numerous concerts, many of them with free admission. The schedule of the Roman Opera ends in the first week of August. Restaurants set up their stands on the banks of the Tiber River near Tiber Island. In many places in the city there are outdoor film screenings, most of them free.

August in Rome

Rome in August is a city for individualists. There are no crowds on the streets or at the sights and you can enjoy the city in peace.

Welcome to Rome show

Welcome to Rome Multimediashow

In the center of Rome, between the Vatican and Piazza Navona, a 30-minute multidimensional film show and an exhibition with interactive models await you.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 203 Google maps Bus 46, 62, 64, 916 Vittorio Emanuele / Navona


Rome August St. Peter's Basilica sunrise

So that you can sleep well, your accommodation should have air conditioning. Find out in our information on hotels in Rome how to find an affordable room and which areas are best.

An inviting breeze blows into the city from the sea. Enjoy the approaching summer in one of the Roman villas and visit a lookout point. A trip to the sea with a visit to the excavations in Ostia Antica is nice. It is also very pleasant in Villa D’Este in Tivoli.

How warm it is

In August, the maximum temperatures in Rome are practically always above 30° C / 86° F and the minimum temperatures never below 20° C / 68° F. You should choose your accommodation with air conditioning. There is a regular breeze through the city and the temperatures are not uncomfortable in the shade. In the middle of the month, the weather changes in some years and it can be stormy for a few days.

Climate data August

Tmax Ø31°C/87.8°F
Tmin Ø20°C/68.0°F
Sunshine hours Ø10
Days with rain Ø2


Rome August Basilica St. John

You definitely need sun protection. Bring sunscreen, a hat or a parasol with you. You will also need comfortable shoes.

When visiting sacred sites, including the catacombs and the Vatican Museums, your shoulders and knees must be covered, even on hot days in summer. If you are going strapless, take a shawl or pareo with you.

Rome August Villa dei Quintili

Don’t walk around in the greatest heat in the afternoon and take a break in an ice cream parlor. Visit a park, a swimming pool or take a trip to the sea.

Take the hop on hop off buses, visit air-conditioned stores and enjoy the peace and coolness of the churches and the museums.

For more tips, see Heat in Rome.

Avoid queues

2023 is a wicked year. The rush at the sights is so great that tickets are sold out weeks in advance. At the museums without a reservation requirement, you often have to stand in line for hours at the ticket office if you haven’t bought your tickets in advance on the Internet. It is to be expected that this will also be the case in August.

But you don’t necessarily have to visit the Colosseum and the museums. In our category 3 days in Rome you will find many suggestions for interesting places and routes that are also not so crowded.

Opening hours

St. Peter’s Basilica

Basilica 7-19.10 – Dome 7.30-18 – Cathedral Treasury 7.30-18.30

St. Peter’s Basilica is closed during the Pope’s celebrations for which you need invitation cards. These are mainly the audiences, but also possible masses of the Pope.


9 am – 18:15 Closing 19:15

On Sunday 6 August admission is free

Details about the Colosseum>

Vatican Museums

Monday – Thursday 9 – 16 closing 18:00, evening opening Friday last admission 20:30 closing 22:30, Saturday last admission 18 closing 20:00, Aug 14 + 17 9 – 17 Closing 19:00, closed Aug 15 + 16.

Free admission on Sunday 27 9 – 12:30 closing 14:00.

Details on the Vatican Museums>

City museums and national museums

In Rome, some of the museums belong to the municipality and some to the state.

Rome August Borghese Gallery

The city’s museums include the Capitoline Museums, Trajan’s Markets, Imperial Forums and numerous other museums. National museums include the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, Borghese Gallery and many more. For the full list of museums, opening times and tickets, see our Rome Museums page.

Free entry

For all the museums of the Municipality of Rome, such as the Capitoline Museums and the Markets of Trajan, free admission on August 6. Admission to the national museums is also free and no reservations are required with the exception of the Borghese Gallery.



17jul2420oct24Dino IgnaniCorpus of works by photographer Dino Ignani.Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza di S. Egidio, 1/b, 00153 Roma RM

01jun2401jan25Aesthetics of deformation. Protagonists of Italian ExpressionismOn display is a selection of works from the Iannaccone collection in Milan relating to the expressionist line of Italian art between the 1930s and 1950s - from the Roman School to the Corrente group.Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Via Francesco Crispi, 24, 00187 Roma RM

30may2427oct24The art of women in RomeExhibition of women artists active in Rome during the twentieth centuryMusei di Villa Torlonia, Via Nomentana, 70, 00161 Roma RM

25may2403nov24Keith Haring DeletedPhoto exhibition on the figure Keith Haring.Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Via Francesco Crispi, 24, 00187 Roma RM

23may2408sep24Claudia PeillBeyond the Present. Archaeology of TomorrowMuseo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza di S. Egidio, 1/b, 00153 Roma RM

22may2415sep24This is Aquilino, son of the wind Produced on the occasion of the 91st Piazza di Siena Equestrian Competition, the exhibition brings together a series of 14 works dedicated to Camillo Rospigliosi's famous horses.Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese, Viale Pietro Canonica, 2, 00197 Roma RM

21may2403nov24THEATER. Authors, actors and audiences in Ancient RomeThe life force of theatrical performances, their popularity, and the sometimes difficult lives of actors and other major players in the world of 'ludi' in Rome.Museo dell'Ara Pacis, Lungotevere in Augusta, 00186 Roma RM

17may2406oct24Dertemined women. Photographs by Angèle Etoundi EssambaThe first Italian retrospective of the well-known Dutch artist, who has always explored the identity of African womenMuseo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza di S. Egidio, 1/b, 00153 Roma RM

17may2406oct24Dino PedrialiRetrospective on Dino Pedriali (Rome, 1950-2021), curated by Massimo Scaringella and produced by the Dino Pedriali Archive, which aims to explore the photographer's artistic journey through the presentation of more than 100 photographic works from the 1970s to the present day.Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Piazza di S. Egidio, 1/b, 00153 Roma RM

15may2415sep24Genius Loci TtozoiOn display are works created by the artists of the TTOZOI duo (Stefano Forgione and Giuseppe Rossi) during work sessions at the Royal Palace of Caserta (November 2017); the Amphitheater of the Pompeii Archaeological Complex (December 2017); and the Colosseum (June 2022).Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia, 6, 00197 Roma RM

07may2415sep24Paolo Di Capua. Human NatureSolo exhibition of artist Paolo Di Capua including works created since the late 1990s.Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia, 6, 00197 Roma RM

01may2431mar25Elagabalus and Eastern Cults in RomeWith about 60 works from major Italian and international museums, this exhibition is divided into two major macro-areas.Mercati di Traiano, Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Roma RM

15mar2408sep24Giuseppe Primoli and the fascination of the OrientOn the occasion of the exhibition on collecting Japanese art in Italy between the 19th and 20th centuries, the Napoleonic Museum offers a thematic exhibition on Count Giuseppe Primoli's interest in the art of Japan and, more generally, the Asian continent.Museo Napoleonico, Piazza di Ponte Umberto I, 1, 00186 Roma RM

29nov2329sep24EMOTION. Contemporary Art tells about EmotionsA three-meter-tall mushroom welcomes and invites a journey. It had already happened in a fairy tale, in another journey, in another world, in another wonder: this is a journey in art.Chiostro del Bramante, Arco della Pace, 5, 00186 Roma RM

13apr2230apr32The Colors of Antiquity. Santarelli Marbles at the Capitoline MuseumsIn two rooms of Palazzo Clementino at the Capitoline Museums, there is on display a broad overview of the use of colored marbles, from their origins to the 20th century, through a fine selection of pieces from the Santarelli Foundation.Musei Capitolini, Piazza del Campidoglio, 1, 00186 Roma RM


Papal audiences in August

In August, audiences of the Holy Father will be held in the Audience Hall on August 9, 23 and 30. Please register for the papal audiences on our site.

There will be no public papal masses in August.

The Pope’s Angelus Prayer will be held in St. Peter’s Square every Sunday and at noon on August 15.


31may2430sep24This is Wonderland - Pinocchio40,000 sqm fairytale wonderland by the EUR lake (Metro EUR Palasport)Giardino delle Cascate

Open Air Cinema at Villa Borghese

Estate romana casa del cinema villa borghese

The Casa del Cinema at Villa Borghese hosts free admission screenings during the summer. The events take place at different times. Some of the screenings are in original sound with Italian subtitles. The program can be found at Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1 Google maps

Summer on the terrace of the Gianicolo

Food, drinks, live music and disco on the terrace of the Gianicolo. Until October daily from 19:00


Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi

Summer on the Tiber

Sommer in Rom Sixtus Bruecke

A fair with shooting galleries and high striker. There is also food and drink. Until 5 September 19 – 24

Exhibitions: Ancient Rome · Ecology and Environment

Ponte Sisto – Tiber island

This is Wonderland

Wonderland Roma EUR


Don’t miss the beautiful “Alice in Wonderland” light exhibition.

There are great bars and tasty snacks in the small furnished squares, in between spectacular performances everywhere.

19:00 – 1:00 Garden of the waterfalls in the EUR quartier Google maps Metro B Palasport Tickets

Isola del Cinema

Rome August 2023 · Relax and Estate Romana 1

Film screenings on the Tiber Island

June 21 – September 3


Summer festival at the Railway Museum

Estate al polo 8/13-17 closed


Rome has a lively music scene. Many pubs and music venues offer live music, especially on weekends. Classical music can be found in many churches and palaces.

In the hot season, many concerts are performed outdoors, such as in the Baths of Caracalla or the Circus Maximus. The festival Rock in Roma takes place at the racecourse and the Roman theater in Ostia Antica.

Rome’s Music Park​

Roma Summer Fest

A jewel is the Parco della Musica, built by the internationally known architect Renzo Piano, in northern Rome on Via Flaminia. See all events here. Events and tickets

Summer Festival of Music in the Auditorium Tickets

Tram 2 Parco della Musica

Casa del Jazz Paolo Fresu

There are several auditoriums and an open-air stage in the Parco della Musica. There are performances in all styles.

Some events are also organized together with the Casa del Jazz. Events and Tickets Casa del Jazz

Bus 160, 671, 714, 792 Casa del Jazz


06aug2406aug24Fat Freddy's Drop 2024@ Laghetto di Villa AdaVilla Ada

03jun2410aug24Caracalla Festival 2024Concerts and operas under the stars in the evocative atmosphere of the Baths of CaracallaTerme di Caracalla

01jun2429sep24Rock in RomaThe mythical rock concert series in the Roman Summer

Amusement parks

Some amusement parks in Rome and the surrounding area offer a welcome change of pace.



The Luneur Park offers many rides. It is located in the south of the city in the EUR district on Via Cristoforo Colombo. The opening hours are irregular in winter, mostly Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18, in summer daily until midnight. On the Luneur website you can see the calendar with the opening days. Bus connections are lines 30, 170, 714 and 791, Colombo / Agricoltura stop. From there it is 750 meters to the entrance on Via delle Tre Fontane 100.


Hydromania is an pleasure bath in western Rome.

Hydromania is located at exit 33 of the Grande Raccordo Anulare. Unfortunately it is not easy to reach by public transport. The journey by bus 088 from the terminus of Tram 8 near Casaletto is a bit lengthy.

Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World is a theme park about cinema and television. It is located next to the Castel Romano outlet center on Via Pontina between Rome and Pomezia. A shuttle bus runs from the Termini main station. Tickets

Roma World

Roma World is a theme park on ancient Rome. It is right next to Cinecittà World. The program is supported by the Gruppo Storico Romano. Roma World is open in summer. Tickets

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