Tuscany Guided Day Trip

Tuscany day trip from Rome to Montepulciano

What better way to get an impression of the beautiful Tuscan countryside and magical cities than with an all inclusive day tour to Montepulciano?

The picturesque town of Montepulciano is the birthplace of the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. But the area is not only a popular destination for wine lovers. Colorful alleys and historic buildings, as well as cypress-lined avenues, make the area, especially the Val d’Orcia, a popular destination for photographers.

We tried out the “Tuscany Guided Day Trip with Lunch & Wine Tasting” and can confidently talk about why this might be one of the most efficient ways to make the best out of your Italy trip.

The tour takes up the whole day and starts in the early morning. The most commonly available time slot is at 7:30 am. It’s easy to find your tour guide. In our case we met at Piazza Del Popolo, an important and central square located close to the Metro station Flaminio.

Guided day trip to Tuscany

It’s well connected and easily accessible by public transport. Otherwise, it’s well reachable by car and it’s in the vicinity of a taxi stand as well. 

The bus ride was surprisingly comfortable and pleasant. You can expect to be entertained by the tour guide that will gladly tell you about historical facts and insights, as well as inform you about your surroundings and the beautiful landscapes that you are crossing. The bus ride is truly scenic and the atmosphere within the bus is comfortable and relaxed. You can expect a mixed group of people from different generations and dynamics. When we joined this tour, our group was made up of families, couples, friends and solo travelers from every generation. Since the tour contains a wine tasting, it’s recommended that the participants are above the age of 18. In Italy, the legal drinking age is 18. However, if a minor is accompanied by their parents, they can legally drink as early as 16. 

The first stop of the tour was the beautiful town of Montepulciano. We met our local guide that brought us to many different spots in the small town. We were told all about the history of the region, as well as about general information on the area. Montepulciano is particularly famous for red wine and the fragrant Aglione, a special kind of garlic. The tour was very pleasant and the guide spoke excellent English. One important thing to note is the fact that the towns on this tour are built on hills. This means you should expect to face some challenging walks. However, the challenging bits don’t last very long so it should be doable. We just wouldn’t advise for people with leg or foot injuries to join on this trip.

After our guided tour, we were given some free time to explore the town at our own pace.

The tour includes a three course lunch and a wine tasting at a beautiful farm close to Montepulciano. We were welcomed by one of the two sisters that run the farm. We were brought to the wine cellar where she explained everything about the wine-making process. The meal is adequate for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians since the main dishes are mostly plant-based. The staff is welcoming and doesn’t hesitate to accommodate dietary preferences. The first course was a selection of different bruschettas. Then we were brought mixed cold cuts. We tried three different types of salami and cheese along with truffle infused honey and black truffle paste. As a side dish, we all received a seasonal soup, as well as some bread with high-quality olive oil. The main dish was a traditional pasta dish from the Tuscany region. All the wines we got to try were flavorful and unique. In total, we tried one white wine, one Rose and four different types of red wine throughout the course of the meal.

After the meal, we hopped back on the bus and started our way to the beautiful town of Pienza. You can expect to see some breathtaking viewpoints onto the Val D’Orcia. This is widely known to be a scenic valley that embodies the colors and natural landscapes of Tuscany. But not only! Pienza charms its visitors with tiny streets and beautiful squares. Here you will be given some free time to explore the city on your own. We took this opportunity to taste some local sheep’s cheeses and have some ice cream. 

In the afternoon we made our way from Pienza back to Rome. The bus ride back to the city was as pleasant as the way to go, and if you’re lucky, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from your window.

Why is the Tuscany Guided Day Trip with Lunch & Wine Tasting Tour worth it?

This tour represents a very efficient opportunity to visit a different region of Italy. In our opinion it’s very worth it. If you want to skip the hassle of planning your own transfer to Tuscany, this is definitely a very good option. If you fly into Rome and stay in the city for most of your holiday, this tour offers a perfect change of scenery. Italy is a very diverse country, which is why we encourage visiting as many different places as possible. But time is always a relevant factor when planning a trip. Which is exactly why this tour offers a perfect balance. 

Is the tour fast paced?

We found that the tour was not fast paced at all, as a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite of hectic. We really enjoyed taking our time to soak in the beautiful impressions from the Tuscan countryside and towns. All the participants were friendly, optimistic and motivated. There’s not a single thing we didn’t like about this tour, and we hope you’ll feel the same!

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