Bars, cafés and pastry shops in Rome · A little guide

Bars, cafés and pastry shops in Rome for the small breakfast, for a refreshment, a small appetite in between or a nice dessert.

Bars, cafés and pastry shops in Rome

Bars, cafes and pastry shops in Rome
Bars at Piazza Venezia

How are bars, cafes and pastry shops in Rome different?

Bars tend to provide a basic service, often with tobacco sale, cafes celebrate more of the product and atmosphere, while pastry shops sell their own crafted product and often consist only of the laboratory and the salesroom with a few tables.



For breakfast for coffee and a pastry, during the day for a cold drink, for lunch for a hot sandwich, a toast or a small hot plate, there are bars in Rome on every street corner. As a rule, there are different prices for consumption at the bar or at the table.

Gran Caffe Roma Via Veneto
Gran Caffe Roma Via Veneto

You should not order a double coffee. This is not part of the Roman way of life. It increases your blood pressure and your risk of heart attack.

The Roman drinks cappuccino only in the morning. Also, the Romans do not understand why you should drink cappuccino after your meal. The milk coffee certainly does not help the digestion.

If you want a sort of filter coffee, you should order a Caffè Americano.


Cafés with tradition

Cafe San EustachioIn Central Italy, great craftsmanship is used to produce the Caffè.

Weather, humidity, air pressure, water temperature and water quality influence the taste and the quality of the final product.

Caffe Greco FrontOne of the most famous places is Sant’Eustachio, on the square of the same name, behind the Senate building Palazzo Madama.

Here the caffè is already served sweetened. The specialty is the “Gran Caffè”, which is also served with cream.

The oldest place is Caffè Greco in the central Via dei Condotti, opposite the Spanish Steps.

BabingtonsTo the left of the Spanish Steps is the tea house Babington’s, opened in 1893 by two English young ladies. Here is the British tea tradition celebrated, but you also get coffee.

The coffee roasters Castroni have several shops in the town center with bar and specialities from the whole world.

Pastry shops · Pasticcerie

Panella via Merulana
Display at the Panella bakery in Via Merulana

In Rome you will find numerous pastry shops.

Very popular in Rome are the “Pasticcini”, small pastry with fruit or cream, filled choux pastry or “Monte biancho”, a mixture of cream, meringue and chestnut. From Sicily come the cannoli, stuffed dough rolls, and cassata, very sweet tarts of green marzipan and filled with fresh cheese.

In addition, mostly frozen cakes are offered – over the bumpy streets of Rome it would otherwise be difficult to transport a cream cake.

My favorite in the center is the Pasticceria Cinque Lune on the square with the same name on the Corso di Rinascimento. On one side is the Senate building and behind it the Pantheon, on the other side Piazza Navona.

The Pasticceria Cinque Lune is a real insider tip. It has only a small entrance, a door and a window, and there are hardly two people standing side by side in front of the torte showcase, but the pastry is pretty much the best thing you can find in Rome.

Icecream parlors

GROM Piazza Navona DetailA good sundae can replace the lunch well, especially on hot summer days.
In Rome, you will find many ice cream parlors, which produce a good and varied product in their own laboratory.

Places which do not have their own ice cream production should be avoided! Good ice cream parlors in Rome offer a wide range of varieties and special recipes with fresh ingredients.

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