10 don’ts in Rome · What you should not do in Rome

Here are my 10 don’ts in Rome. Whether you are in Rome for the first time or an enthusiastic regular guest, I clarify the basic rules about the don’ts in Rome.

Don’ts in Rome · On foot and haphazardly through Rome

Don’t walk the whole city on foot. Even if there are many places of interest close together, at the end of the day you may have made 20/30 miles and this is not a pleasure. Find out which local transport connections are of interest for you. Here you will find an overview of the most important public transport lines in Rome. You reach the sights within the city walls very well with the hop on hop off buses.

Don’ts in Rome · Dress

Don'ts in Rome cobblestones MontiDo not wear high heels if you do not want to give an acrobatic performance on the Roman cobblestones.

Do not drape yourself with jewelery and photoequipment, and do not make visible where your documents and valuables are. Here you can find more details for your security.

Don’t wear beach clothes in the city. When visiting religious sites and the catacombs, shoulders and knees must be covered. A light shoulder suit is enough. Provide sufficient sun protection with a hat or umbrella.

Don’ts in Rome · Visit sights without reservation

Visit sights not spontaneously, but book tickets with fast entry in advance. This is particularly important for the Villa Borghese Gallery, the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Dome, the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum. 


Don’ts in Rome · Buy at snack sales carts

Don'ts in Rome snack truck
Snack sale vehicles

Do not buy beverages, sandwiches or ice cream at the snack sales carts, which are around the tourist attractions. The drinks are overpriced and the ice cream is an industrial product. You can fill your water bottles at the numerous drinking water fountains in the city, for eating and for sandwiches you will find enough places and for the ice we advise you to visit a good ice cream parlor

Don’ts in Rome · Jump into the wells

Even if it is very hot, you should not climb into the fountains or hang your feet. Do not leave your names on archaeological pieces and do not break out any souvenir. This can lead to high penalties!

Don’ts in Rome · Order double espresso or cappuccino after lunch

Do not order double espresso. The coffee is strong enough and people around you will react with incomprehension. In Rome you can order a cafè (espresso) or a macchiato (say makkiato – with milk), latte macchiato (a glass of warm milk with an espresso) or a cappuccino. After dinner, it’s not used in Rome to drink cappuccino but a cafè.

Don’ts in Rome · Tourist restaurants

Restaurants which expose plastic samples of their dishes are not necessarily a good recommendation. If there are many locals or priests in the restaurant, this is usually a sign of quality.


Expensive are the tables at the large squares. At the Piazza Navona or at the Pantheon a cafe at the table can cost 5 euros, at the bar it costs around one euro.

Don’ts in Rome · Rules for photo shooting

Do not take pictures of soldiers or police. Disguised showmen can not be photographed for nothing. Especially the Roman soldiers and the gladiators demand a high price and there is often a quarrel. Agree the price before!

Don’ts in Rome · Don’t allow to be approached by strangers

Avoid street hawkers which stand in your way and offer you their goods. They reach out their hand, ask you how you are and where you come from. Just go ahead and ignore them. Do also ignore signature collections. You will be asked for a donation and in the worst case your money bag will disappear. Here you can find more information about pickpockets and confidence tricksters in Rome.

Don’ts in Rome · Sleep the morning

Spanish Steps Sunrise
The Spanish Steps before sunrise

Don’t sleep too long! Rome is the most beautiful in the morning. It is best to make a walk before breakfast and to have a siesta in the afternoon.

Do’s in Rome · 10 do’s in Rome

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