Hop on Hop off Rome city tours

Rome hop on hop off · 8 tips for the city tour

The hop-on, hop-off buses in Rome give tourists their first orientation in the city center and make history fun.

Hop on hop off Rome Piazza Venezia

Only the hop-on hop-off buses offer a double-decker tour of Rome. We went for a ride and loved it. Whether you want to relax on a tour of the center of Rome or capture the experience in photos and videos, the upper deck of the Hop-on Hop-off buses offers a very special perspective.

Hop on hop off Rome Victor Emmanuel Monument

If you wish, you can get off at any of the bus stops to visit attractions you can’t get to by bus, such as the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps. If you want to see as much as possible in one day, you might want to combine the bus ride with a walk through the city center.

Hop on hop off Rome Torre Argentina

There are a total of 6 hop-on hop-off companies in Rome. This is a bit confusing because there is only one route with 8 stops that goes around the center of Rome. Some operators try to attract attention by offering extra stops or convenient combined tickets. The operators have contingents for the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums and can therefore offer tickets when they are sold out on the other routes.

The best hop-on hop-off deals in Rome

Our favorite: The Yellow Line Vatican & Rome. The ticket is also valid on the Big Bus and City Sightseeing lines, giving you the most flexibility with the least waiting time.

Discount tickets have some restrictions. For example, they are valid for a single trip without getting off the bus, or for a few hours in the afternoon:

Our practical tips

Hop on hop off Rome Museo di Roma
  1. Take the tour on your first day. This will give you a first overview of the city center.
  2. Booking online is quick and easy. You can hop on at any stop with the QR code you receive when you book.
  3. Protect yourself from the sun with a good sunscreen and bring a water bottle.
  4. Hop on hop off Rome Castel Sant'Angelo
  5. Even though it is sometimes said to bring good luck, wear a hat to protect you from being greeted from above.
  6. Since the windows of the buses are reflective, choose a seat without windows or with a window that can be opened to take pictures.
  7. Leave as early as possible, as the buses can be very full at peak times.
  8. Hop on hop off Rome Saint Peter's
  9. Do not get off the bus too often. There are often queues at the bus stop, especially at the Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo, and not everyone can get on the bus.
  10. Combine the bus ride with a walk through the center of Rome. Get off at Castel Sant’Angelo and walk to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Get back on the bus at the Barberini stop.

Additional tip: Don’t waste your time with apps, most of which are offered for free by the bus companies. They only waste money on data transfer and storage capacity on your phone.

Hop on hop off bus stops

Hop on hop off Rome Santa Maria Maggiore

The route of the hop-on hop-off buses in Rome has eight stops.

  1. Termini: Starting point of all lines in Via Giolitti (City Sightseeing also in Viale Enrico de Nicola and in Via Marsala, Iobus in Via Marsala).
  2. Santa Maria Maggiore: Rome’s most important Marian church, one of the four papal basilicas.
  3. Colosseum
  4. Hop on hop off Rome Colosseum
  5. Circus Maximus: Aventine, Bocca della Verità
  6. Piazza Venezia: Capitoline Museums, Ghetto
  7. Castel Sant’Angelo: St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona
  8. Via Ludovisi: Via Veneto, Spanish Steps (top)
  9. Piazza Barberini: Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain

Map of the hop-on hop-off stops in Rome

Additional stops on the yellow line:

San Giovanni – the oldest basilica in Rome, Torre Argentina (Pantheon), Chiesa Nuova

Additional stops on the Green Line:

Eataly line: Eataly, Piramide

Museum Line: Galleria Borghese, Parco della Musica, MAXXI, Villa Giulia, Bioparco

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Evening tours

Some operators also offer evening double-decker tours. The buses follow the same routes as during the day, without stopping. The trip takes 60-90 minutes.

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