Rome August 2023 · Relax and Estate Romana

Rome August Piazza del Popolo

August is the classic month of summer holidays in Rome and it has a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Combine sightseeing and relaxation, dolce vita and a trip to the sea or the mountains. Rome has a lot to offer in August.

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Rome City Festival Peter and Paul · 29 June

Rome City Festival Peter and Paul 29 June

Every year on 29 June, Rome celebrates the Festival of the city’s Patron Saints Peter and Paul. The Festival of the town Patron Saints Peter and Paul is one of the highest feast of Rome.

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Rome June 2023 · Music is in the air

Rome June Piazza Navona

June in Rome is optimal for sightseeing and shopping. Experience life in the alleys of the city with pleasant temperatures until late evening.

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Rome May 2023 · May in Rome is worth a visit

Rome May Baths of Diocletian

Rome in May is top. The climate is almost summer and there are not too many visitors in Rome. Treat yourself to an exciting and relaxing vacation.

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Rome birthday 2023 MMDCCLXXVI Dies Romana

Rome birthday Circus Maximus Natale di Roma

Rome birthday. On April 21, 753 BC Romulus is said to have founded the city. With this date the chronology of the city begins and thus in the year 2023 (in Roman numerals MMXXIII) we have the year 2776 (MMDCCLXXVI) since the foundation of Rome.

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Rome April 2023 · Celebrate festivals and spring

Rome April Rose garden

April is high season in Rome. To get in at museums like the Colosseum and enjoy your stay worry-free and without long queues, you need to prepare well in advance.

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Rome May 1, 2023 · What’s up on May 1 in Rome

Rom 1. Mai 2023

May 1st is traditionally a day for excursions in Rome. When the weather is nice, you can go to one of the Roman parks, into the mountains or to the sea. A big concert is being held at the Basilica of San Giovanni.

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