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The best time to visit Rome is from March to November, although it is very crowded in April and October. July to mid-September is hot. December to February are ideal for shopping and museum visits.

Enjoy the Roman way of life, the archaeological sites and museums, the mountains and the sea, the Rome holiday has its charm in every season. From April to November Rome is an open-air museum and life takes place outside. Art lovers, fashion-conscious buyers and lovers of excellent Roman cuisine will also get their money’s worth in winter.

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Best time to visit Rome

Rome is an attractive destination year-round, but different seasons offer different benefits.

Enjoy the city life

From March to November, life takes place outdoors. Street musicians show off their skills and you can experience the Roman way of life firsthand.

At Christmas, the city is festively decorated and offers a very special atmosphere.


A fixed part of the program of most visitors to Rome is the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. In high season it is difficult to get tickets for the museums and it is very crowded.

If you want to visit the museums in peace, the period from mid-November to mid-December and from mid-January to the end of February is ideal.

High season

Rome is always a popular travel destination. The high season is from Palm Sunday to mid-June and from mid-September to early November.

It is very busy in Rome in April and October. Especially at Easter the sights are overcrowded and you need a certain capacity for suffering. But even in October it isn’t really fun to vacation in Rome if you want to see the usual attractions.

Low season

In the off-season you can also find very good hotels at reasonable prices. The prices are particularly favorable from mid-November to mid-December and after January 6th to mid-February.

The period from November to February is particularly suitable for visiting museums, shopping and enjoying heavy Roman cuisine.


There are many reasons why accommodation in the center is worthwhile. The most important is that you don’t need public transport. You get up in the morning, go outside and find yourself in the center of the action. That saves you two hours every day in which you saunter around on public transport. And you get a completely different feeling for Rome. The area around Termini station is not really in the center either, and it takes half an hour to get around by subway or bus.

Book your accommodation in the City center, in Monti near the Colosseum or in the Vatican area. You can find more information on our hotel page.

Weather and climate

Rome has a Mediterranean subtropical climate with mild winters and tropical summers.

It is particularly pleasant from mid-February to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-November.

The warmest and driest time is from mid-June to mid-September. There are many events until late at night. The temperature does not drop below 20 °C (68 °F). Your accommodation should therefore have air conditioning for your roman summer vacation.

Rome climate table
Rome climate table

The average values in the climate table give you an overview of how the weather could develop over the course of the year. In summer it is sometimes warmer, in winter it is rarely colder than indicated in the table.

Rain showers usually don’t last long. Extensive rains can occur only sometimes in winter.


Rome always has a lot to offer. In addition to our overview of the seasons, you will find information for your holiday in Rome with events, opening times, climate data and recommendations for each month.


Rome vacation Concert at the Capitol

Spring is a very good time for a Rome vacation. From the begin­ning of Lent until Pentecost, many visitors are in Rome.

There are many events and activities in May and June, and many outdoor concerts in June and July.


Rome vacation spring at Campo de Fiori

Easter is one of the highest church feasts and many visitors come to Rome for Easter. For more information, visit our Easter in Rome article.


In summer, life in Rome takes place outside. There are many concerts. Rock in Rome takes place every year in June and July.

The Roman summer is celebrated on the Tiber from mid-June to early September.

Cinema screenings take place in public places between July and August.

There are concerts and opera performances in the baths of Caracalla.

August: the most beautiful month in Rome

For us, August is the most beautiful month in Rome. Most Romans go on vacation in August and the city is quiet and less hectic. Of course, some restaurants and shops are also closed, but you will hardly notice that. In the hot season, Romans and tourists are rather nocturnal. In the hottest heat of the day, you retreat to air-conditioned rooms, visit churches and catacombs, or relax in a park or in an open-air museum such as the Palatine Hill or the baths of Diocletian.


Starting from mid-September the climate is very pleasant in Rome.

Rome vacation Autumn chestnuts

It is cool at night, the air is almost spring-like in the morning and it is not too hot during the day.

This is the season with the most visitors to Rome.


In winter it is sometimes rainy and cold in Rome. It’s the best time of year to visit churches and museums and try traditional Roman cuisine.

Rome holiday Winter Roman Cuisine

The delicious but heavy Roman cuisine with fried artichokes and other specialties is more suitable for the cold season than for summer.


Many Rome visitors also come for Christmas. At that time there are many cribs in Rome and the atmosphere around St. Peter’s Basilica is magical.

Last but not least, Rome is an Eldorado for your Christmas shopping. All major brands are represented in the center around Via dei Condotti. You will also find art, antiques, second hand and everything your heart desires.


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Shopping is always a special experience in Rome. In the city center you can find chic Italian fashion, jewelry, art and antiques. Many visitors also stock up on gastronomic specialties.

Buy clothes at seasonal sale at a special price. The summer sale takes place in July, the winter sale starts on January 6th.

Browse through our shopping in Rome category.

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