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Taxis in Rome do not have the best reputation. What you need to consider when traveling by taxi in Rome, you can find out here.

In Rome, usually you can not stop a taxi directly on the street. You must either order it or you have to go to a taxi stand. There are about 65.


Con Artists

Taxis in Rome Taxi signWhether Rome, Istanbul or New York, fraudulent taxi drivers can unfortunately be found everywhere. I also met Italians who were ripped off in Rome.

Important! Take only regular white taxis. They are distinguished by a taxi sign as well as an identification mark. Make a note of the identification mark! It consists of a name and a number, for example Moon 11.

A popular trick is to spend a 50 euro bill for a tens. You give the driver 50 euros and he claims you gave him 10. You pay better with credit card and tell the driver before the start of the journey. Check the amount of the credit card payment before signing the receipt or entering the PIN.

Taxi to the airports

Taxi2airport logoFor taxis there are fixed prices from the city center to the airports. For destinations outside the city walls, unfortunately, there are often discussions with taxi drivers. Very comfortable is therefore the booking via the service Taxi2airport, where you can reserve your taxi in advance for a fixed price from and to the airports. Taxi2airport>

Taxi companies

Taxis in Rome identification markTaxis in Rome start to calculate the travel costs from the reservation. Once the taxi is booked, the driver turns on his taximeter and starts driving. If he arrives to pick you up, you will already find an amount on the taximeter due to this drive. This amount can also be quite substantial depending on the traffic situation and the place of departure of the driver and must be paid in any case.

Also if you use the app Mytaxi, you have to pay for the taxi to the place of pickup.

However, the Romans mostly use the radio taxi companies. Here are some phone numbers:

  • +39 06 3570 is the largest company of Rome
  • +39 06 4994 Radiotaxi La Capitale
  • +39 06 5551 The Cooperative Samarcanda gives importance to quality and well-equipped vehicles

Taxi stands

Taxis in Rome Taxi stand Piazza Belli
Taxi stand Piazza Belli Ponte Garibaldi

You will find large taxi stands in the city center on the Piazzas, Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Piazza San Silvestro, Piazza Barberini, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia.
At the Vatican, taxis can be found either directly at the St. Peter Square or at Piazza Risorgimento, in Trastevere at the Tiber bridges, on the Via Veneto at the junction with Via Boncompagni.

Fixed prices to the airports

Taxis in Rome Fixed prices Fiumicino CiampinoThere are fixed prices for the journey between airports and destinations within the city walls.

Nevertheless, the taximeter must always be on. You will find details about the prizes on my pages about the Fiumicino transfer and Ciampino transfer.

Taxis rates

The basic charge at the start of the trip is 3 euros, on Sundays and holidays 4.50 euros and in the night (10 pm – 6 am) 6.50 euros.


Rome taxi in private tour at the key hole
Privat tour with the taxi at the key hole of the Maltese order

The price increases with increasing distance. Up to 10 kilometers 1.10 euros per kilometer (tariff T1), for the next 10 kilometers 1.30 euros per kilometer (tariff T2) and each additional kilometer 1.60 euros. If the taxi is stationary or slower than 20 km/h, an hourly tariff of 27 euros is charged.
Baggage allowance: The first suitcase is free, each additional suitcase in a size of 25X35x50cm costs 1 €.

Taxi night service for women

PerLeiThe radio taxi 3570 offers a preferred service for women. At night from 1 – 5 o’clock is the number +39 06 35701 active. The taxi should arrive faster and the driver waits for the lady after getting off until she reaches the front door.

Taxis for disabled persons

The taxis center 3570 can also offer special vehicles for the transport of disabled persons. Neither the reservation nor the service cost an extra charge. The normal taxi tariffs are valid. For the trips to the airports or the port of Civitavecchia, the usual fixed prices apply, but you should reserve the taxi a few days in advance.
Phone number: +39 06 3570
Taxis in Rome mobilita accessibile  Taxis in Rome Disabled Transport 3570

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