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Rome Ciampino airport · Transfer from 1.50 € · All information

From low cost Ciampino airport to Rome there are scheduled bus connections to the metro lines A and B and shuttle buses to the main train station. Cabs are not always available.

Landing at Rome Ciampino Airport you will really get in the mood for your stay in Rome. In normal weather conditions, you’ll fly over the city and be able to see St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum from above. For a good view, book a seat on the right side of the plane. The international code of Ciampino is CIA.

Airport transfer

The airport is located south of Rome in the suburb of Ciampino about 15 km from the center of Rome. The travel time is around 30 minutes, more during rush hours. Ciampino train station is about 5 km away and the travel time is about 10 minutes. City buses connect the airport with metro lines A and B.

Cabs and buses can be found in the parking lot in front of the terminal. Do not get involved with illegal cabs under any circumstances. There are a lot of scams there.


For the trip to Rome, there is a fixed price of 31€ for destinations within the Aurelian walls. For more details, see our article on Taxis in Rome.

Most cab drivers are honest, but unfortunately there are always reports of incidents. Be sure not to get involved with illegal cabs. There are a lot of scams there.

Since Ciampino is a small airport, it often happens that there are no cabs available. Especially if you arrive late in the evening, it is worth ordering a cab in advance.

Rome Ciampino airport · Transfer from 1.50 € · All information 1

You can order the pickup in advance and an English-speaking driver will pick you up from the airport.

Since the driver knows your flight number, there will be no problems in case of delays.

You can also pre-order a ticket for 72 hours for all public transportation in Rome, which will be given to you by the driver.

This service is very reliable. Especially for late arrivals in the evening and at night, it is indispensable. Tickets

City buses

Rome Ciampino Airport is connected to Rome by two city bus routes.

Both lines can be used with the normal ticket for city transport. The ticket costs 1.50 euros and is valid for 100 minutes. More information about the public transport tickets

The 520 bus runs from the Subaugusta terminus of metro line A to Rome Ciampino Airport and back. The bus also stops at the Cinecittà metro station and the Capanelle train station on the FL4 train line.

The bus runs every 20 minutes from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

The 720 bus runs from the Laurentina terminus of Metro Line B to Rome Ciampino Airport and back. The bus runs around twice an hour. The journey takes about 40 minutes, provided there is no traffic jam on Via Ardeatina.

The first bus leaves from Laurentina station at 5:30 in the morning and may be in Rome Ciampino at 6am, the last bus leaves Laurentina at 11:30 pm and may be in Rome Ciampino at midnight for the return trip.

Shuttle buses

The shuttle bus will take you directly to the main train station Termini. The journey time is 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the time of day. You have the choice between the companies Sitbus and Terravision. You can find the departure times in the booking portal.

Tickets: SIT BusTerravision

Rail connections

Ciampino station is about 5 km from the airport. From there, trains run out of Rome on three local lines to Velletri, Castel Gandolfo and Frascati. A regional line goes to Cassino, Caserta and Naples. In the opposite direction, it goes to Termini central station. There is a rail bus service to Ciampino station and one to Termini that can be purchased with a train ticket.

Car rental at Rome Ciampino airport

Rome Ciampino airport shuttle bus car rental

The offices of the car rental companies are located slightly away from the terminal at the parking lot P8. You can take the free shuttle bus to get to the rental car companies. It takes about 10 minutes by foot from the terminal to the car rentals.

There are also car rentals outside the airport at the ParkinGO parking lot out of town on Via Appia Nuova. Upon arrival, call there and they will pick you up. The cars are mostly cheaper, but of course you need much more time for pickup and return.

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Landing in Ciampino

The airport has a runway with north-south orientation. Depending on weather conditions, landing is both from the north and from the south, while most of the time the takoffs are going to the south.

Rome Ciampino Airport landing approach

If you come from the north and want to see the city, you should choose a seat on the right side. With a little luck, you can see St Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum from above.

Arrival at CIA

One thing is certain: you can’t get lost in Ciampino Airport. After the baggage claim there is a small arrival hall with a bar and various ticket sellers.

You usually don’t have to wait long for your luggage as the airport is not that big.

Departure from Ciampino

You can only get into the terminal with a ticket or a boarding pass and not earlier than 3 hours before departure. Since it is very small for the number of passengers, one has to expect longer waiting times for baggage handling and security checks.

Also limited are the options for eating and shopping. There are not enough seats in the waiting area in front of the gates.

If you do not want to stand for a long time, a lightweight tripod stool could be helpful. Or you try not to be too early at the airport. In particular, if you only travel with hand luggage, should be sufficient one hour before departure. Of course, this does not apply to exceptional situations such as a strike.

Ciampino Airport

Rome Ciampino Airport CIA is a military airport also open to civil aviation. It also serves as a government airport and provides a general aviation terminal.

The airport counts around 6 million passengers per year.

Here, in the summer, the fire-fighting aircraft are also stationed, which draw the water from the volcanic lake under Castel Gandolfo or from the sea, where they have to go.

Cheap airlines from all over the world and charter flights are served. In case of weather problems in Fiumicino, part of the traffic can be diverted here.

Who was Giovan Batista Pastine

The military airport of Rome Ciampino is named after Giovan Batista Pastine. He was a balloonist and airship captain. In 1908 he took part in the Gordon Bennet Cup in Berlin with the balloon Aetos and in 1913 in Paris with the balloon Roma.

In 1916, Ciampino Airport became the base for airships. Pastine was stationed here and died in 1916 in Gorizia as a war hero at the age of 41 years.

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