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Rome Ciampino airport CIA. How long in CIA airport the baggage check takes, how much time before the flight you shall be there and how to get from the airport to the city, you can find out here.

CIA airport terminal

Rome Ciampino is the older of the two commercial Roman airports. Today, it mainly serves low-cost flights to European destinations as well as charter flights to the Mediterranean area.

The terminal of CIA is quite manageable. Departures and arrivals are handled on one level.

The departures, seen from land side, are handled on the right side, the arrivals on the left side.

Arrival at Rome Ciampino airport

Depending on where the parking lot of the aircraft is located, you can walk to the arrivals area or be taken by bus.

Luggage waiting times are usually shorter in Rome Ciampino than in Fiumicino. The airport is trimmed to the short rotation times of the low-cost planes and accordingly fast the planes have to be cleared.

After leaving the baggage claim area, there is a bar and information desk of the Roman Tourism Office (PIT) in the arrivals hall. Here you can pick up the Roma Pass. The information desk is open daily 8:30am – 6pm.

The taxi rank is right at the exit on the right, while the buses are on the other side of the car park.

Car rental at Rome Ciampino airport

The offices of the car rental companies are located slightly away from the terminal at the parking lot P8. You can take the free shuttle bus to get to the rental car companies. It takes about 10 minutes by foot from the terminal to the car rentals.

We recommend the Car Del Mar portal for rental cars.

Departure from Rome Ciampino airport

Since the terminal of Rome Ciampino airport is very small for the number of passengers, one has to expect longer waiting times for baggage handling and security checks.

Also limited are the options for eating and shopping. There are not enough seats in the waiting area in front of the gates.

If you do not want to stand for a long time, a lightweight tripod stool could be helpful. Or you try not to be too early at the airport. In particular, if you only travel with hand luggage, should be sufficient one hour before departure. Of course, this does not apply to exceptional situations such as a strike.

The low cost airport "G.B. Pastine" Rome Ciampino

Rome Ciampino Airport CIA is a military airport also open to civil aviation. It also serves as a government airport and provides a general aviation terminal.

The airport counts around 6 million passengers per year.

Flughafen Ciampino Check-in
Ciampino airport check-in

Here, in the summer, the fire-fighting aircraft are also stationed, which draw the water from the volcanic lake under Castel Gandolfo or from the sea, where they have to go.

Cheap airlines from all over the world and charter flights are served. In case of weather problems in Fiumicino, part of the traffic can be diverted here.

Information about landing in Rome Ciampino

Ciampino Anflug über Rom Simulation
Aerial approach over the city of Rome (Google Earth)
The airport has a runway with north-south orientation. Depending on weather conditions, landing is both from the north and from the south, while most of the time the takoffs are going to the south.

If you come from the north and want to see the city, you should choose a seat on the right side. With a little luck, you can see St Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum from above.

Ciampino airport satellite photo
Ciampino airport satellite photo

Who was Giovan Batista Pastine

The military airport of Rome Ciampino is named after Giovan Batista Pastine. He was a balloonist and airship captain. In 1908 he took part in the Gordon Bennet Cup in Berlin with the balloon Aetos and in 1913 in Paris with the balloon Roma.

In 1916, Ciampino Airport became the base for airships. Pastine was stationed here and died in 1916 in Gorizia as a war hero at the age of 41 years.

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