Rain in Rome at Saint Peter's Square

Rain in Rome · What to do in case of bad weather

Rain in Rome. The forecast predicts a rainy day in Rome, thunderstorms or stormy weather? What to do and what to bring with you for rain in Rome, here you find all the necessary information.

How to interprete the weather forecast

Piazza Navona in the rain

The area of Rome is very large and the weather can be very different in the districts. The north of Rome is usually more affected by strong weather phenomena such as heavy rain or snowfall than the south.

In the city center, heavy rains have little effect, as the water flows away quickly.The weather forecast for Rome is quite accurate. If you read of a high rain probability, you should prepare accordingly. Here’s what you need to observe in case of rain and storms in Rome.First of all, check the forecast about the probability of rain during certain hours and the expected quantity.


Rain is different in different seasons. You can expect different weather phenomena.


In spring there are strong winds with gusts of wind, heavy rain and hail. There is a risk of falling branches and falling trees. You should not go into villas and parks on such days. If you are traveling by car, you should not park under tall trees and you should not drive into water in underpasses.


Even when the sun is shining in the mornings, summer storms in Rome can develop very quickly.

Summer storms in Rome are very fierce but locally very limited. It comes to heavy cloudbursts, but mostly after a short time are over again. Some parts of Rome can be completely submerged, while in other parts of the city only a few raindrops fall.


Rain in autumn usually lasts only briefly. It usually rains only a few hours. In Rome it can be rainy and in Ostia by the sea is nice weather.


Rain in winter sometimes lasts longer, even several days. Usually it doesn’t rain very much, but there can be strong winds and in the cold temperatures it is very uncomfortable. In Rome, snow falls in some years between late January and late February.

What to do when it rains in Rome

Mostly you have to interrupt your program only for a short time. After half an hour, the rain is usually over again. So, how to escape the rain?A good help are a rain cape and waterproof shoes. A large umbrella is good, if there are no strong winds.

These are our suggestions in case of Rain in Rome:

Stay in the city center

The city center is well protected against floods and even in heavy downpours, the water is quickly drained into the Tiber. In the periphery, floods can occur, especially in valleys and underpasses. Sometimes metro stations have to be closed.

Visit a church

Use the rain to visit a church. In the city center the next church is just around the corner. Each church has its peculiarities and treasures and is good for a visit. Sit down and relax. Opening hours

Take a break

Take a break over a coffee, a pastry, an ice cream or a pizza al taglio. Usually, after 15 or 30 minutes the rain is over. You can also visit an interesting shop. Shopping in Rome

Book priority access

Palazzo Altemps after the rain

Of course it is annoying when you get a shower while standing in a queue, in front of St. Peter’s Basilica or in front of a museum. If you have not booked a preferred entry, you will be put to the test. Either you hold on and pull a trail of water behind you or you start again when the rain has stopped.

Sightseeing during a rainy day in Rome

Which places are best visited on a rainy day in Rome? These are our tips!

Places to avoid during rain

When it rains in Rome it is not so nice to visit the open-air museums. These are especially the Palatine, the Roman Forum, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Baths of Caracalla and the Villa dei Quintili. It is also risky, to visit the viewpoints and the villas.

Places to visit during rain

All indoor museums can be visited well in rainy weather. These include the Vatican and the Capitoline Museums.

Even the basilicas can be visited well during rain.

The Colosseum in the rain

It is usually not a problem to visit the Colosseum when it rains. When visiting the exhibitions inside the building, you are protected from rain.

When it rains heavily, the water rises in the underground of the Colosseum and it cannot be visited. It is rare for the Colosseum to be completely closed.


Very nice is a visit to the Pantheon. The rain falls through the dome opening, the eye – “Oculus”, and runs off through the processes in the soil. If you have the opportunity to visit the Pantheon in the rain, you should not miss it!

The catacombs

A visit to the catacombs is completely independent from weather conditions. In the catacombs is the same temperature throughout the year. A visit to the catacombs is therefore a good idea even in rainy weather.

Excavations in the Roman underground

In Rome you will find numerous excavations that you can visit in churches, buildings and museums. A small selection are:

  • The necropolis under St. Peter’s Basilica
  • The museum of the stadium of the Domitian at Piazza Navona
  • The Roman houses on Caelius Hill under the Basilica of St. John and Paul
  • The excavations under the Basilica of San Clemente with catacombs and a Mithras temple

Visit to Ostia

In summer, even though it rains in Rome, the weather on the seaside can be nice. Check the weather forecast and decide to spend a day in Ostia Antica and at the sea. In the archaeological area of Ostia Antica you can visit the remains of the ancient Roman commercial city that served to supply Rome. At the sea you can lie in the sun and eat a good fish.

And … after a rain shower

After a rain shower, you can usually take very nice photos in Rome. Nature and monuments are reflected in the puddles of water and the clouds offer strong contrasts.

What do the Romans on a rainy day

The rain brings a most welcome change for the Romans. They use rainy days for a city visit, for shopping or for meeting friends in a bar or restaurant. Make yourself comfortable, relax and enjoy that the rain brings a little cooling.

Rainy weather often breaks down traffic in Rome. This is because many Romans, who take the bike in good weather, when driving rain forecast are traveling. Many Romans drive in rain very slowly or stay under a bridge and block so the traffic.

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