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Ice cream you can find in Rome almost at every street corner. Here are a few tips on how to identify a good Gelateria and what are my favorites.

How to find a good ice cream parlor in Rome

There are some signs that can tell you something about the quality of the ice cream parlor:

  1. If the ice cream is strong colored, it is chemistry. Natural products do not light up in signal colors.
  2. If a queue forms in front of an ice cream parlor, it is generally a good indication for quality.
  3. If you can look into the laboratory, you are usually on the safe side.

The 12 best ice cream parlors in Rome

We added another ice cream shop to our list and now there are thirteen. Many ice cream parlors have multiple outlets. Our map of the best ice cream parlors will help you find one of the best ice cream parlors in Rome near you.


Otaleg Ice cream parlor Trastevere
Otaleg ice cream parlor in Trastevere

Otaleg is one of the brightest stars in the Roman ice cream parlor heaven. In 2014, the shop at Via dei Colli Portuensi was voted Italy’s best gelateria and, according to Italian gourmet guide Gambero Rosso, one of the three best ice cream parlors in the region. Since 2018 there is a branch in Trastevere, in Via di San Cosimato 14a. At Otaleg you will find delicious creations with new recipes such as Bourbon vanilla with ginger or Gorgonzola with chocolate and nuts.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Ice cream parlors in Rome Gelateria dei Gracchi
Gelateria dei Gracchi in Via di Ripetta

Three ice cream parlors in the Lazio region have made it into the Gambero Rosso gourmet guide. One of them is Gelateria dei Gracchi. The ice creams are based on the products of the season. The Gelateria dei Gracchi has three sales outlets, Via dei Gracchi 272 near Via Cola di Rienzo, Via di Ripetta 261 near Piazza del Popolo and Viale Regina Margherita 212, to the left of Via Nomentana.

Punto Gelato

The South Tyrolean Günther Rohregger has made his name among the Roman ice producers. Here you can find combinations like Madagascar cinnamon or Swiss stone pine. His selling points are in the Via dei Pettinari just at the Sixtus bridge, in Piazza Sant’Eustachio between Piazza Navona and Pantheon and, named “The Taste Gelato”, in Via due Macelli between the Spanish Steps and the Quirinal.

Il Cannolo Siciliano

The 12 best ice cream parlors in Rome Cannolo SicilianoThe Cannolo Siciliano pastry shop produces a multi-award-winning ice cream. The Sicilian Cannolo is a crispy baked roll that is sweetly filled with ricotta and other ingredients.

Here, Cannolo and ricotta are also used for the ice cream. In this shop are not many varieties of ice cream, but it has an excellent taste.

The 12 best ice cream parlors in Rome Cannolo Siciliano chocolate objectsThe Cannolo Siciliano pastry shop is headquartered in Piazza Malatesta, metro C. A second shop is located in the center on Via Quattro Novembre, next to the stairs that lead from the Trajan column to the Museum of the Trajan Markets.

Il Gelato di San Crispino

Ice cream parlors in Rome San Crispino
San Crispino in the Piazza della Maddalena

San Crispino is one of the pioneers in Rome for natural ice cream. Here the ice cream is a kind of “wholemeal” product. Fruits are partially processed with the shell. The result is in part somewhat unusual but excellent.

San Crispino is located near the Pantheon on Piazza della Maddalena and near the Trevi Fountain in Via della Panettiera.

La Gelateria del Teatro

Ice cream parlor in Rome Gelateria del Teatro
Laboratory of Gelateria del Teatro

La Gelateria del Teatro is located in the Via dei Coronari between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant Angelo. Here you can see from the street into the laboratory. The taste combinations are exciting, the selection is great.

Fata Morgana

Natural ingredients and imaginative creations are the secret of Fata Morgana. The taste combinations are so varied that it is difficult to choose. I tried the pistachios di Bronte and Rose with Purple Flowers, really delicious. Very interesting are also the ice-sushi.

Fata Morgana has several outlets in Rome:

Close to Piazza del Popolo, between Via del Corso and Via del Babuino in Via Laurina 10.

Between Ghetto and Campo de’ Fiori in Via dei Chiavari 37, next to the Antico Forno Roscioli.

In Trastevere, in the Piazza di San Cosimato, in Via Roma Libera 11.

In the Quartier Monti in Piazza degli Zingari 5.

South of the Basilica of San Giovanni at Piazza Re di Roma in Via Aosta 3.

At the Vatican in Via Leone IV 50.

In the north of Rome near the Villa Ada in Via Lago di Lesina 9.


Claudio Torcè enjoys experimenting and has been using natural ingredients for more than 15 years. In his ice cream parlors, he offers over 100 varieties. I counted 6 kinds of chocolate ice cream. The repertoire also includes varieties such as peperoncino, gorgonzola or celery. You will find varieties for every taste.

Torcè has three outlets. They are in the southern part of Rome:

At the terminus of Metro B, Laurentina, in Via dell’Aeronautica 105, is the headquarters.

A sales point is located near the Circus Maximus on the right side of the FAO building at Viale Aventino 59.

The third point of sale is at Viale Marconi 445, 500 meters from the Basilica of St. Paul.


Ice cream parlors in Rome Giolitti

One of the most famous ice cream parlors in Rome is Giolitti. At Giolitti, you’ll find ice cream take away and a big saloon in the style of a Viennese coffee shop for sundaes. In these mugs the ice is buried under mountains of cream and they replace a lunch.

Giolitti is located below the Parliament Palace Montecitorio in Via degli Uffici del Vicario.

Giolitti also runs a pastry shop and ice cream parlor in the EUR quarter by the artificial lake at Viale Oceania 90. Metro B EUR Palasport


Venchi is a famous chocolate producer from Piedmont and has several branches in Rome.

Ice cream parlors in Rome Venchi
Venchi at the Pantheon

You will find shops selling ice-cream at Termini Station, in Via del Corso between Piazza Venezia and Piazza Colonna, in Via della Croce and near the Pantheon in Via degli Orfani. Other shops are located on the air sie of terminals 1 and 3 in Fiumicino.

Gelateria La Romana

Despite the name, the headquarters of “La Romana” are located in Rimini. They have chocolate fountains to cover the cone and then they fill up with excellent ice cream. Finally, you can choose between different tastes of whipped cream, like chocolate or Zabaione flavour.

In Rome, you will find three sales outlets of the Gelateria La Romana, in Via Ostiense 48, from the Pyramid towards San Paolo, in Via Cola di Rienzo no. 2, immediately after the bridge to Piazza del Popolo, and in Via XX Settembre 60 opposite Via Castelfidardo.

Il Palazzo del Freddo by Giovanni Fassi

Fassi il palazzo del freddo
Fassi Il Palazzo del Freddo

Founded in 1880, Fassi’s Ice Palace is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome. The Palace is one of the largest ice cream parlors in Rome. Fassi relies on tried-and-tested varieties as well as ice cream confectionery and specialties based on their own recipes. Here you get ice-filled yeast pastries and ice-filled tramezzini and good portions at reasonable prices.

Fassi is located in the Esquiline between Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and Porta Maggiore in Via Principe Eugenio 65 Fassi il Palazzo del Freddo.

Grezzo Raw Choccolate

Grezzo means “raw” and Grezzo Raw Choccolate is a confectionery that makes its products only from raw, uncooked ingredients. All ingredients are heated to a maximum of 42° C – 107° F. The ingredients must therefore have the highest quality and must be processed at this temperature. Grezzo also offers some varieties of ice cream. Inspired by the name I tried the chocolate ice cream. I found it very interesting, made of the best chocolate and not very sweet.

If you are near the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, it is not far to the Grezzo confectionery. It is located in Via Urbana 130 in the Quartier Monti Pasticceria Grezzo Monti.

Map of ice cream parlors

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