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Discover Rome by bike: an unforgettable adventure

Cycling in Rome is a fascinating way to discover history and culture. Bike tours through the winding streets and ancient paths offer unique experiences.

With its winding streets, traffic-calmed zones, numerous parks and green countryside, Rome has a lot to offer cyclists. Find out what you can do in Rome by bike.

Renting a bike is a good way to explore Rome’s historic streets and it’s surroundings. Bike rental companies offer a diverse fleet of well-maintained bicycles for solo travelers, families, and groups. They offer various options from renting for an hour to renting for several days. So rent the bike for one tour and otherwise choose bike-sharing solutions.

For those seeking a more guided experience, bike tours of Rome are a popular option. Led by knowledgeable local guides, these tours take cyclists on curated routes that showcase the city’s most famous sights, from the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain to the picturesque neighborhoods of Trastevere and Monti. Riders can enjoy the thrill of cycling while learning about the rich history and culture that Rome has to offer.

The excursions in the surroundings of Rome are beautiful and very interesting, especially on the Appia Antica and in the Aqueduct Park. If you want to go further, you can visit the volcanic hill of Castel Gandolfo or cycle to the sea.

Bike sharing

Rome has developed a micromobility concept to complement public transport. There are two providers that offer e-bikes and e-scooters at a price per minute: Dott and Lime. So download the apps, register and get going.

Please note, however, that you can only park the vehicles in certain places that are marked in the app and that you must take a photo of the parked vehicle. In addition, the City Council has determined that only people of legal age may register and must provide identification.

Cycling in Rome

Cycling in Rome can be challenging with its 7 hills and numerous cobblestones. However, if you prefer to avoid uphill rides, there are flat paths for comfortable navigation of the city. Rome offers pleasant cycling routes, including accessible options for exploring the city center.

Bike paths

Rome Bike paths

Consider a drive through the city center, along the Tiber, or from the Circus Maximus to the Appia Antica if you prefer to go by yourself. Be aware, however, that these routes may have cobblestones. You can find smoother stretches on the banks of Tiber, the Tiber bike path, in the center between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia, from the Colosseum to Via Appia Antica, and heading north from Piazza del Popolo along Via Flaminia to the Tiber.

Tiber bike path

Rome Bike paths on the Tiber banks
Tiber bike path

The path alongside the Tiber River is incredibly serene and picturesque. It spans across the entire city, uninterrupted. All you need to do is overcome the elevation change from the city to the riverbanks, and you’ll find numerous central points where you can easily ascend back to the top.

Villas and parks

Very nice are tours through the Roman villas and parks.

The centrally located Villa Borghese is very popular. Bikes can be rented at the Biopark or at the Pincio. You can also rent bikes at the Appia Antica Regional Park. The park office is located at the Quo Vadis bus stop. Other large parks where you can enjoy nature by bike are Villa Pamphili and Villa Ada.


The city center is easy to get around by bike. There is a little less traffic as cars are only allowed by special permit. You can avoid the traffic by exploring the charming alleys off the main streets.

There are some lovely footbridges for crossing the Tiber. In particular, from the Ghetto you can cross the Tiber Island, further north the Ponte Sisto and the Ponte Sant’Angelo, further north the Ponte della Musica at the Olympic Stadium and the Ponte Milvio.

Road traffic

Roman drivers are generally very considerate of cyclists, and accidents are rare.

Cyclists are usually treated like pedestrians. You can usually drive through pedestrian zones and drive on sidewalks. Driving in the opposite direction through one-way streets is usually not punished, provided you drive on the edge and do not endanger other road users.

You cannot rely on other road users to follow the rules. Overtaking a car on the right at an intersection can be fatal because the driver may turn without blinking and certainly not look at cyclists driving straight ahead.

When crossing the lane on zebra crossings or at pedestrian traffic lights, you should not exceed walking speed.

Rome’s surroundings

In bicicletta nei dintorni di Roma! Nei dintorni di Roma ci sono destinazioni meravigliose che possono essere raggiunte in bicicletta, sia sulla costa che in montagna.

Quando si viaggia in bicicletta su strade extraurbane, soprattutto in montagna, non si dovrebbe pedalare da soli. Purtroppo si verificano sempre incidenti gravi e mortali.

È quindi meglio prenotare un tour guidato. In gruppo sarete più sicuri e la guida sceglierà, ove possibile, percorsi con poco o nessun traffico.

Our favorite tracks

The Appia Antica Park and the Aqueduct Park are particularly beautiful for biking. In these regional parks there are very nice, traffic-free paths among ancient remains.

Unfortunately, the first section from the Baths of Caracalla to the Catacombs is in cobblestones. If you turn left from the Appia Antica at the level of the catacombs, you will reach the Parco della Caffarella with good paths. Also the paths inside the catacombs are asphalted. After the tomb of Cecilia Metella, the asphalt of the Appia Antica is interrupted by stone slabs like those found on old Roman roads. They are meant to prevent cars from driving through. You can ride the Appia Antica for many miles to Ciampino.

Another beautiful but hilly route is along Via Cristoforo Colombo to Ostia. Cars go very fast here, but there is a wide shoulder that is good for biking.

You can also take the local train to Ostia and then cycle along the sea. Heading south, you can cycle on mostly flat roads to Anzio or along the Via Litoranea to one of the free beaches and back.

If you prefer something more sporty, you can cycle along the Via Tuscolana to the Castelli Romani and from Castel Gandolfo back to Rome along the Appian Way. There is also a guided tour where you can take the train to Castel Gandolfo. Most of the climbs are already behind you.

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