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We look forward to welcoming you to the Eternal City. Immerse yourself in Roman life and get to know the countless sights with us.

Enjoy the dolce vita on the streets and squares of Rome with an ice cream or an aperitif and indulge in a delicious dinner.

Always stay up-to-date on sights, museums and events with our first-hand information.


A city trip is fun. Life on the streets of Rome, good food and sightseeing offer experiences and adventures. Buying tickets on site can also be a special experience. Gambler like to risk everything and go looking for long sold out tickets and tours at dubious street vendors. Since Corona, it has been mandatory to reserve a fixed entry time at the most important museums.

Bookings with the major portals Tiqets and Getyourguide are convenient and secure. Here you will find everything you need at a glance and you don’t have to worry about the different booking systems of the individual museums on their websites. Check out our ticket page for a collection of the best tickets, tours, and activities.

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Rome and the Vatican with their treasures from millennia are an open-air museum, most of which you can visit for free. There is always something new to discover for old hands too!

Via Appia Antica and the Catacombs

Surely you’ve heard of the Appia Antica, the queen of the streets, the Regina Viarum. Via Appia in ancient times was the main connection from Rome to Brindisi. From there they sailed to Greece. Even today, large parts of the old road are preserved.

Museums in Rome · Opening hours · Free entry

Rome museums at a glance. With over 2,700 years of history, Rome is full of works of art from ancient times to modern times. Discoveries are still made today during excavations and construction work and can be visited. Read our overview with information on reservations, tickets and opening times.

The most beautiful viewpoints of Rome

From the most beautiful viewpoints you can enjoy wonderful views of Rome from above. Enjoy the view over the archaeological area of ​​ancient Rome, the Tiber Island, St. Peter’s Basilica and the city center to the Albano Mountains and the Apennines.


Bread and games, that’s what the Colosseum stands for. This multifunctional amphitheater of ancient Rome is one of the most visited attractions today. Learn how this colossal entertainment machine worked and how to best organize the visit.

Colosseum tickets and guided tours

How the Colosseum Worked · Archaeological Research

Heinz-Jürgen Beste is a scientific advisor at the German Archaeological Institute in Rome. Here he reports on the history of the Colosseum and on his underground research into the stage technology of that time.

Visit Forum Romanum & Palatine Hill · Practical tips & info

The Archaeological Park of Roman Forum and Palatine is part of the visit to the Colosseum. For Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine you need one hour each. So plan on a total of three hours.


In Rome everything always has a history. If we can believe the legend, it is thanks to Emperor Nero that St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City were built on the Vatican Hill. Archaeologists are still doing research in the necropolis under St. Peter’s Basilica, which was leveled by Emperor Constantine in the 4th century.

Guided tours for the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica give you an introduction to the works of art and a glimpse into 2,000 years of history. At the general audiences you can experience Pope Francis up close.

Vatican tickets and guided tours

Travel information

Whether by car, bus, train or plane, all roads lead to Rome. Play the trip to Rome – musical chairs – with us. The game is also very popular in the Roman traffic and local public transport.

With these Rome City Passes all reservations are included:

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Rom Turbopass

Hotels advertise a good location, even if you then need an hour to get to the center. Check here which locations are really convenient.

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Best season

The best season is very individual. In winter you can mostly even go skiing in the vicinity of Rome. In summer you can combine your visit with a swim in the sea. Every season has its charm.

3 days in Rome

Three days or two nights are the classic for a city trip. With a little luck you will arrive in the morning and fly back in the evening. In our handicraft kit you will find suggestions that can be combined with each other so that you can see and experience as much as possible in Rome.

3 days in Rome

Jogging in Rome · The most beautiful routes

Jogging in Rome has something special. You run on historical ground, with archaeological remains and works of art that have arisen in the millennia, and through the gardens and parks of popes and princes. Find out where to go jogging in Rome at the best.


In Rome, good food is a cornerstone of the way of life. Rome offers a spectacular street food scene, traditional Roman cuisine, pizza and of course healthy Mediterranean cuisine.


Rome offers a wide range of shopping options. Whether fashion for every budget, culinary specialties, antiques, flea markets or esoteric, Rome has a lot to offer.

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Practical tips

Rome is a wonderful city. Take it easy and don’t stress yourself out. Don’t drink a cappuccino after dinner, don’t wear an open neck pouch, and don’t let your wallet hang out of your pants.

Our hidden gems

Can you keep a secret? We too! Nevertheless, we would like to tell you a few anecdotes in our insider tips and introduce you to lesser-known sights off the beaten paths.

Day trips

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  1. Rome is wonderful but it is also full of trash too!! Such a shame! The authorities should spend some of the millions of euros they get from the tourist tax of 3 euros per day and really clean up the city. Its appalling.

    • The Romans also pay a lot for garbage collection. Let’s see what the next election will be. Joseph de Maistre: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

  2. I live in Virginia in the USA. My desire is to come for several and do the 2020 Marathon. I would appreciate any and all info on marathon. It will be my first time to Italy, so I need lots of guidance.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Teresa,
      there are more events in Rome during the year. I believe, you are asking about the Rome Marathon in April. Registrations are not yet open. Here you find information about the Rome Marathon, procedures are every year the same. Only the location of the Marathon Village may change.
      If you have more questions, let me know.

  3. Will be in Rome during Christmas. I need to get to a dinner Christmas day evening around 7:30 pm & be picked up around 11:30 pm. Are the taxis running at that time? I heard that transportation is limited on Christmas.

  4. Hello,

    I really appreciate all of your practical tips for visiting Rome at Easter. Are all of the tours self-booking, or can you make specific recommendations for me somehow? I could use the help figuring out the best way to spend our time, making tour bookings, and an Easter meal reservation.


  5. Hello. I would like to climb to the top of St Peters Basilica. I will be taking an early tour of the Sistine Chapel and St Peters, which does not include a climb up the dome. I would like to climb the dome after my tour is over at 11:30. Is there a way of doing this without waiting in a long line for the elevator? Someone told me if I book a Vox Mundi audio tour that I could skip the line for the dome. Is this true and how do I do this?
    Thank You

    • Hi Loren,
      L’m sorry, but the Vox Mundi tour for the dome is no more available since last autumn. At the moment I know only one tour including St. Peter’s Basilica and the dome but it starts already at 8:15. I suggest to ask your guide of the St Peter’s tour for help.
      Enjoy your stay in Rome!


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