Carnival in Rome 2020 · Dates · Characters · History

The Carnival in Rome starts on Thursday February 20, 2020 and continues until Tuesday February 25. Mardi Gras is called “martedì grasso” in Rome. Find out here what you can experience at the Carnival in Rome.

Rome Caput Mundi! Not only the Julian and Gregorian calendars come from Rome. In 2018, the great major of Rome was able to change the date of the Chinese New Year. As if we were celebrating New Year on December 28th, she was able to anticipate the date of the new moon. Also Julius Caesar failed to do this. If this wasn’t a carnival joke! And the honorary administration of the capital has spared the need to organize the carnival, since the Chinese New Year was anticipated to the Saturday of the carnival. Incidentally, it was the last Chinese New Year celebrated in Piazza del Popolo. The traditional big parade for the carnival no longer takes place under the current poor city administration.

Carnival in Rome · Dates

The Rome Carnival is now primarily a festival for children. The children celebrate the carnival in schools, department stores and on the streets. The tradition of the Carnival in Rome has largely been lost. The center of Rome is therefore largely a carnival-free zone. Some citizens’ initiatives organize parades in some city districts, including Ostia Lido.

From Thursday to Shrove Tuesday you may find some masks around Piazza Navona and Via del Corso. Typical characters are “Rugantino”, an arrogant rascal from Trastevere with old trousers and neckerchief, “Cassandrino”, a bona fide nobleman, “Meo Patacca”, a popular boy, and the benefactor Don Pasquale. There are also figures from Naples such as Pulcinella, Arlecchino, Pantalone and others.


The program of the Carnival in Rome is always published at very short notice. There are theme nights in discos and restaurants. However, you have to reserve at the discotheques.

Cavalli a Roma 202013.-16.2. Cavalli a Roma Everything about the horse

Show jumping competition – western show – children’s program

Evening program in hall 7: Carnival in Rome 13.2. 7:30-9:30 p.m. – 14./15.2. 8-10 p.m., Entrance 13./14.2. 12 €, after 7 p.m. 10 €, 15./16.2. 18 € after 7 p.m. 15 €

Fiera di Roma – Rome fair Train FL1 direction Fiumicino airport

Carnival in Rome · Events

February 22, 2020

Carnival in Rome Ronciglione paradeCarnevale Popolare di San Lorenzo 2:30 p.m. Piazza dell’Immacolata Tram 3, 19 Scalo di San Lorenzo/Sardi

Sfilata di Carnevale del Quadraro 3 p.m. Piazza Aruleno Celio Sabino Metro A Giulio Agricola

February 23, 2020

Carnival in Rome BioparcoBioparco: Carnival in the Roman Zoo Bioparco The disguise of the animals

Children up to 10 years and taller than 1 m € 13, children who are masked as animals pay € 10, adults € 16

At noon children feeding the Asian elephant Sofia. There are animations and you can get makeup.

9:30 – 17 Tram 3, 19 Bioparco

La Tarantella del Carnevale Parco della MusicaLa Tarantella del Carnevale Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi 4:45 p.m. Parade 6 p.m. Concert viale Pietro de Coubertin 30 Tram 2 Apollodoro



February 25, 2020

Free entry to the museums of the municipality of Rome, with the exception of the Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi in Piazza Navona and the Ara Pacis.

Carnival at the Luneur Park

Rome Halloween LuneurIn the district EUR is the amusement park Luneur. Luneur celebrates Carnival on weekends 1-2 February, 8-9 February, 15-16 February, 22-23 February 10-18. 12:30 and 17:00 big confetti party. Bus 30 / 130F, 170, 714, 791, N2, N3 stop Colombo / Agricoltura


Carnival of animals

Teatro dei Burattini PincioSan Carlino – Puppet Theater at the Pincio At the Pincio above Piazza del Popolo Metro A Stops Flaminio or Spagna. The Pincio is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city center

on weekends 8-9 February, 15-16 February, 22-23 February Saturday 16:30-17:30, Sunday 11:00-13:00, 16:30-17:30

Carnival in Ronciglione

Carnival in Rome Ronciglione paradeIt really goes in Ronciglione in the north of Rome, in the province of Viterbo. Ronciglione is located on the slope of the volcanic lake Lago di Vico. In Ronciglione you can celebrate and eat very well. There you know how the carnival is celebrated. Don’t miss out on these celebrations!

Ronciglione is only 80 kilometers from Rome, but it is difficult to get there by public transport. By car you can easily reach Ronciglione on Via Cassia Google Maps. Explore the beautiful landscape between Rome and Viterbo and enjoy the carnival in Ronciglione. You can rent a convenient car using the search engine by Car del mar logo

The program of the Carnival in Ronciglione

Sunday, February 9, 16, 23

Carnival in Rome Ronciglione parade11:00 opening “Carnival street artist show”
11:30 Piazza della Nave. School parade “roncionese” of the “Padiglione delle Meraviglie”.
12:00 Opening of the stands with typical and gastronomic products
15:00 Walk and performance of the city chapel “Alceo Cantiani” and the majorettes.
15:30 Historical parade of the hussars
16:00 Big gala procession: masks, carriages, masked groups and folklore groups.
then on the Piazza della Nave for everyone the traditional Saltarello di Carnevale with the municipal music band “A. Cantiani”.

Admission only on Sundays: € 5, youths up to 16 years free

Thursday February 20th, Giovedì grasso

Carnival in Rome Ronciglione parade14:30 The carnival bell rings extensively to announce the return of King Carnival.
15:00 The carnival madness begins. The City and Carnival Administration hands over the keys of the city of Ronciglione to the Carnival King, who is accompanied by a group of hussars.
15:30 Historical parade of the hussars.
16:00 Great children’s carnival and spontaneous masquerades.
17:00 The Brotherhood of Sant’Orso offers all guests tozzetti and wine.
Great snack for all children with “Nellina natural snack”. The Ronciglione area is a large area for growing hazelnuts and our friend Nello uses it to produce the wonderful “Nellina”.
followed by the traditional Saltarello di Carnevale with the municipal music band “A. Cantiani “.

Friday February 21, 2020 Friday of the students

23:00 Student night in the Jasmine discotheque

Saturday February 22nd, 2020 Gastronomic Saturday of treats

Carnival in Rome Ronciglione parade2:30 p.m. The carnival bell rings extensively to announce the carnival.
3 p.m. Piazza della Nave. Carnival soapbox race with parade
5 p.m. Carnival Jotto. Gastronomic afternoon with stands for polenta, offal and donuts.
Tasting of pork crust roast – Porchetta – and tasting the “Nellina Merenda Genuina”.
followed by the traditional Saltarello di Carnevale with the municipal music band “A. Cantiani ”

Monday February 24th 2020 Monday of the red noses



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