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Rome Metro Line A Closures: Due to maintenance, some sections of the metro line A remain closed in summer 2019. Please take note of these dates as your journey to the center, the Vatican or to Ciampino Airport could be affected.

In addition, the Barberini station is expected to be closed until October 2019.

Metro A closures June 2019

In June the Cinecittà and Anagnina stations will be closed on weekends, except for the weekend of 29 June for the feast of the city patrons Peter & Paul. Whether the bus line 520 to Ciampino airport is extended to Subaugusta station, is not yet known.

These are the dates of closure of the stations Cinecittà and Anagnina in June: Saturday 8, Sunday 9, Saturday 15, Sunday 16, Saturday 22, Sunday 23.


Metro A closures July 2019

In July there are closures on two weekends. On these weekends, you should not use the Metro A for your trip to Ciampino Airport.

These are the dates and the sections involved:

Closing of the stations Cinecittà and Anagnina on the 6th and 7th July.

Closure of the route from Colli Albani to Anagnina on the 20th and 21st of July.

Metro A closures August 2019

Significant closures of metro line A occur in August. The following closures are planned:

From August 4 to 13, closure of line A from Termini to Anagnina. Therefore, you can not use the line for the journey to Ciampino airport.

From August 14 to 19, closure of line A between Ottaviano and San Giovanni. This means that you can not use the Metro A to travel to the center and the Vatican. From Termini you can use the bus lines 40 and 64 to go to the city center and to St. Peter’s.

From August 20 to 25, closure of line A from Termini to Battistini. Also in this case you can not use the Metro A for the drive to the center and to the Vatican.

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