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Unfortunately the Rome Marathon on March 29th has been canceled.


On Sunday March 29, 2010 the 26th Rome Marathon will take place. Here you will find all the important information for Rome tourists to the Rome Marathon 2020.

Rome Marathon 2020 Tourist Information

The Rome Marathon runs from north to south through the city. It goes through the center and to St. Peter’s Basilica.

If you are on foot, you can enjoy the center of Rome, until the early afternoon, mostly without traffic.

If you leave on March 29, 2020 or have out of town appointments, you must take special precautions to ensure that you do not miss your flight or that you can not meet your appointment.

Rome Marathon Precautions

Rome marathon security

Rome is not just Italy’s capital. In Rome are also the Vatican and three UN organizations. The security in Rome works very well and is also guaranteed at major events as far as possible. There have never been serious incidents.

Rome marathon traffic regulation

The metro station at the Coliseum is closed on 28 March 2020 until 5 pm. To get to the start of the marathon, you have to get off at Cavour station. To reach the Coliseum, you can get off at Cavour or Circo Massimo.

Via dei Fori Imperiali is closed from 10pm on 28th March 2020.

Starting at 8 o’clock, the streets of the marathon are gradually closed. By 5 pm at the latest, everything should be free again. Many bus lines in the center will not be able to drive until the early afternoon. The tram lines 2, 3 and 8 are interrupted.

If you need to go to the airport, you will need to take into account the city blockages and possibly schedule a longer journey to the airport. In particular, you have to expect that you have to reach the nearest metro station or the nearest train station on foot because there are no buses.

The metro lines operate normally. However, the line B is heavily loaded by the approach of the participants of the run to the Coliseum. The shuttle buses from Termini central station to the airports operate without interruption.


If you book a limousine service, it will tell you when and where to pick you up so you can safely reach your flight.

Transfer to the airports

There are of course a number of solutions for getting to and from the airports. At GetYourGuide you will find a wide range of options for airport transfers.

Opening of the sights

There is no information about site closures. The accessibility of some attractions, such as Coliseum, Imperial forums, Palatine and Bocca della Verità will be limited.

Rome on foot

On the day of the marathon, Rome is particularly beautiful on foot, as there is almost no traffic, especially in the morning. During the marathon you will find regulated crossings where you can cross the marathon track. If a larger group of runners comes through, you have to wait a bit.

Rome marathon rules for cyclists

It is not allowed to drive on the marathon route by bike or with other vehicles.

Rome Marathon general information

More than 16,000 runners were registered for the 2017 Rome Marathon, 8,818 Italians and 7,289 runners from 130 countries, 12,636 men and 3,471 women. In addition there were 72 disabled participants. Of the foreign participants, Great Britain took first place and Germany second place before Spain.

The route passes parts of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The youngest participants, aged 19 and 20, came from Ireland and Argentina, the oldest participants being an 82-year-old Hungarian and an 88-year-old Italian.


The route can be found in my detailed information about the Rome Marathon 2020.

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