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The limousine service in Rome is the alternative to the taxi. The quality of the vehicles is often better than that of the taxis. Here you’ll find all the information about the service and online offers.

Rome Limousine – What is the Limousine Service?

Car with chauffeur, Rome Limousine Service, in italian “noleggio con conducente” – rent with driver – is an officially regulated and controlled transport offer. With the Rome Limousine Service, you are comfortable and partly cheaper than taking a taxi to your destination.

Rome Limousine Service Airport transfer

Rom NCC Limousine at the ColiseumThe limousine service is the safest and most convenient way to get to and from the airport. Your driver is waiting for you at the airport in Fiumicino or Ciampino or pick you up from the hotel and take you to your destination.

For most offers it is sufficient to show the confirmation email of your booking on your mobile phone. You should reserve in time so that everything works.

The Rome limousine service is very flexible. For the airport transfer there are cheap collecting transports, luxurious vehicles as well as large-volume vehicles for larger groups.


Rome Limousine service in the city

If you want to be driven around in Rome, the limousine service is the first choice. You can book a driver for several hours and he will take you to remote places that are otherwise difficult to reach. He will wait for you there or he will pick you up again.

Regulation of the Rome Limousine Service

Taxiservice Limousine NCC signThe supplier must have an authorization from his home town, which is indicated by a sticker “NCC” next to the license plate.


Advantages of the Rome Limousine Service

The Rome Limousine Service has several advantages.

  • At the airport, the driver will pick you up on arrival and wait for you in case of delays, in the city he will pick you up at the hotel
  • The service is more reliable than the taxis, you do not have to queue for the taxis and you find a clean and well-maintained vehicle

  • The Rome Limousine Service is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to the city and the airport, the costs are known and paid in advance and in particular with several passengers the cost difference to the other transfer solutions is low.
  • In high season, major events or rainy weather, you often have to wait a long time for a taxi. In such cases, the taxicentrals can often no longer offer trips. At railway stations and airports, there can be long queues.
  • During a few days in August 2016 the traffic collapsed in Rome, because a medical congress took place on the grounds of the trade fair and the railway line Rome – Fiumicino was interrupted because of fires. Your driver will also find a solution in these cases.

Beware of unauthorized offers!

In any case, it is not advisable to accept private offers without official permission. If you arrive in Rome at the train station or at the airport, you will meet people who whisper “taxi, taxi” and offer a private transport. Apart from the fact that they are not insured for the transport of passengers and the vehicles may not be in a good state, there are always frauds, demands of excessively high driving prices and theft.

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  1. Thanks for the tips and information. You are right, people outside airport and train station saying “taxi, taxi,…..” are to charge more than actual cost and some of them are thieves. These cars are not insured or inspected. That’s why, chauffeur service is the best option to hire before hand.


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