Restaurants in Rome for Christmas and New Year's Eve

Restaurants Rome Christmas and New Year’s Eve

How you can find an open restaurant in Rome on Christmas Eve, you will learn here. Many restaurants are closed on Christmas Eve. Other restaurants offer special menus on Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and new year’s Eve.

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Book a restaurant in Rome

The Romans like to eat and good restaurants are often booked early. You should therefore reserve a restaurant during the holidays. Very helpful is Tripadvisor. With the “Online Reservations” filter you can see all the restaurants you can book online. Your reservation will be confirmed immediately and you will not have to make a phone call and deposit payments. Before making your reservation you will also see if there is a special menu on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve or if the normal menu is offered. Evaluations and online booking of restaurants in Rome on TripAdvisor logo

Restaurants Rome Christmas Eve December 24

Many restaurants are closed on Christmas Eve. If you want to celebrate Christmas Eve with a festive menu, we recommend a reservation.

As public transport stops at 9pm on Christmas Eve, you need to return to your hotel on foot or by taxi. In the late evening, the taxis could be scarce.

Tips for restaurants on Christmas Eve

If you do not want to roam the city of Rome at a venture looking for a restaurant, you should make a reservation for the Christmas Eve. I have selected some restaurants for you, which can be booked for the Christmas Eve:

Simple restaurants

Mercato Centrale – Termini

The Mercato Centrale is located in Termini Station on the side of Via Giolitti. Here the most prestigious names of Rome present themselves in a market-like atmosphere. On New Year’s Eve open until 2 am. Mercato Centrale

Bottega Tredici – near the Ghetto

Bottega Tredici near the Turtle Fountain offers delicious and creative combinations with local ingredients. Bottega Tredici on Tripadvisor Rom.

Il Tagliere Toscano – Piazza Navona

In the Tagliere Toscana you get primarily antipasti, appetizers. You can enjoy your meal with a big plate of appetizers and the quality is really good. On TripAdvisor logo you can reserve for a specific time on Christmas Eve at the Tagliere Toscano.

Pesceria Barberini – Piazza Barberini

The Pesceria Barberini is a kind of very simple trattoria in the style of a fishmonger. Here you will find very good fish dishes such as raw fish, pasta dishes and fish platters at good prices. Reserve the Pesceria Barberini on Tripadvisor Rom.

Da Noantri al 41 – Pyramide

Da Noantri is a nice restaurant with pizzeria near the pyramid. There is a wide selection of Roman cuisine, pizza and steaks. Da Noantri on Tripadvisor Rom

L’Arrosticinaro – Tiburtina

Located near Tiburtina train station, this restaurant offers cold cuts, bruschetta and typical sheep-meat spits. L’Arrosticinaro on Tripadvisor Rom.

Schietto – Re di Roma

Close to Re di Roma metro station you will find this restaurant, creatively combining recipes from Puglia and around the world. Schietto on Tripadvisor Rom. Christmas menu

Trattoria Re di Roma

The restaurant is characterized by its special atmosphere, authentic Roman cuisine and courteous service. Google maps Trattoria Re di Roma

Pesceria Appia Nuova – Re di Roma

The Pesceria Appia is a kind of very simple trattoria in the style of a fishmonger. Here you will find very good fish dishes such as raw fish, pasta dishes and fish platters at good prices. Book the Pesceria Appia on Tripadvisor Rom.

Fine cuisine

Checco er Carrettiere – Trastevere

Checco is a traditional restaurant in Trastevere. You will find here typical Roman cuisine but also fish. If you want to eat here on Christmas Eve, be sure to book on TripAdvisor logo at Checco er Carrettiere.

Osteria dei Cappellari – Campo de’ Fiori

Osteria dei Cappellari entrance
Osteria dei Cappellari entrance

The Osteria dei Cappellari is a very nice restaurant in the vicinity of Campo de’ Fiori. We have pre-sampled for you and can tell you, there is very good real Roman cuisine. The service is very attentive. The Osteria dei Cappellari offers a Christmas dinner at a very convenient price. I can highly recommend the Osteria dei Cappellari.

The restaurant Osteria dei Cappellari is closed on 25.12. and 1.1.

Virginiae – Piazza Navona

The Virginiae is just behind the German parish church of Santa Maria dell’Anima behind Piazza Navona. Click here for reviews and reservation for the Virginiae on Tripadvisor logo.

Casa Coppelle – Piazza Navona

This interesting and elegant restaurant in Piazza delle Coppelle combines Italian and French elements. Casa Coppelle you can check and book on Tripadvisor logo.

Life – Center (Spanish Steps – Via dei Condotti)

Life is a secret place in the city center next to the Spanish Steps. Food and service are excellent. The prices are correspondingly high. Life on Tripadvisor Rom

Enoteca Regionale – Center

The Enoteca Regionale offers exclusively products from the Lazio region. The Enoteca is located in Via Frattina, a side street of Via del Corso and parallel to Via dei Condotti. Here you can enjoy the regional cuisine of Rome. Enoteca Regionale on Tripadvisor Rom.

La Locanda di Pietro – Ottaviano

Below the entrance to the Vatican Museums is the Locanda di Pietro. In this family restaurant you will find good food and excellent pizza. Reviews and info about Locanda di Pietro on .

Osteria dell’Arco – Piazza Fiume / Salario

Rome Osteria dell Arco

A very lively area is Salario around Piazza Fiume, Via Nizza and Piazza Alessandria. Here, Cristina has earned an excellent reputation in the kitchen and Nicoletta as sommelier. Here you will find homemade creations from the tradition of central and southern Italy. The ingredients come from local farms and are partly organic. Google maps

Roof Garden Hotel Forum – Imperial Forums

Right next to the Imperial Forums is the Hotel Forum. On the rooftop terrace is the Roof Garden Restaurant, which offers magnificent views of the Imperial Forums and the city. Das Roof Garden Restaurant on Tripadvisor logo.

L’Archeologia  – Appia Antica

Auf der Appia Antica befindet sich eines meiner Lieblingsrestaurants, die Archäologie. This restaurant is internationally known, Bill Clinton and other celebrities were guests here. The archeology offers very well-kept fish and meat dishes and interesting creations. L’Archeologia on Tripadvisor logo.

Hostaria Antica Roma –  Appia Antica

Hostaria Antica Roma Paolo

The Hostaria Antica Roma offers a special ambience. It is located in a large park opposite the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. Here you feel right at home. The landlord Paolo is a good storyteller and some writers have mentioned him and the restaurant in their novels. Many prominent personalities are among Paolo’s guests. An evening at Hostaria Antica Roma is an unforgettable experience. Hostaria Antica Roma on Tripadvisor Rom

Restaurants Rome 25th of December

On December 25, more restaurants are open than on Christmas Eve. For reservations we recommend the above mentioned restaurants also for the 25th of December.

25 dicembre Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World is open on December 25

10:30 Holy Mass

Christmas menu

Cinecittà World is located on the Via Pontina between Rome and Pomezia.

Shuttle bus and entrance on Getyourguide

Regional bus COTRAL from Metro Laurentina to Castel Romano 2,60€ <->, buying the ticket on bord 14€ The shuttle bus departs from the ATAC stop in Viale America above the EUR/Palasport metro station on line B from 10:30 – return 18:00. 14€

Restaurants Rome New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve many restaurants offer a New Year’s Eve menu. The evening usually starts between 8pm and 9pm and ends after midnight with a traditional lentil dish with cotechino, a cooked sausage. Cotechino con lenticchie aims to secure financial success in the new year.

For the New Year’s Eve menu you must make a reservation. Many restaurants require a personal reservation and a deposit. Therefore, the booking of the New Year’s Eve menu with Tripadvisor is very convenient.

Cinecittà World celebrates a big party on New Year’s Eve. Reservations

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