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Which Metrebus tickets are available and which ones are worthwhile? Zones, tariffs, conditions of carriage, here you will find all the information, you can book online and have the tickets sent to your home.

Which ticket is worthwhile for you?

The most common question is whether the day pass or a Roma pass is worthwhile for the metro, bus, tram and train in Rome. Here you will find all the information you need for your decision.

One-way ticket or day ticket?

The single ticket has a validity of 100 minutes and you are allowed to use the metro once. The day ticket costs around five times as much as a single ticket. With five single tickets, you can move around 8 hours and 20 minutes, using the metro five times. The day pass is valid 24 hours and you do not have to worry about how often you drive and how often you use the metro. For example, if you validate the ticket at 4pm, it will be valid until 4pm the next day.

Public transport in the city center

Nowadays the city center is located in the area of the antique Campus Martius. It extends from the Tiber to the Spanish Steps and from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia and the ghetto. In this area you will find most of the sights, most fountains and squares and the center of shopping in Rome. This area is best explored on foot.

If your accommodation is in the center, you will not need a public transport day ticket and therefore no Roma Pass. Your accommodation is not far from the center, such as around the Termini train station, in Trastevere or in Prati? In this case, a day pass for public transport is certainly worth it. If you stay in these districts, you may also return to the hotel during the day. If your accommodation is located in the outskirts of Rome, you have at least two longer trips per day to the center and back to the hotel.

Purchase of tickets in Rome

In Rome, you can buy tickets at vending machines or at some tobacconists and newsagents. There you will usually only find the tickets for the one way trip. In some metro stations and bus stations. you may find also official ticket offices.

Ticket vending machines

ATAC Fahrkartenautomat Ticket machineIn Rome you will find numerous ticket machines. At the vending machines you can also buy day passes and weekly passes. However, the machines only give a maximum of 4 euros change. You should therefore have the money fit, otherwise you will not get a ticket from the machine.

Scams at the ticket machines

Often people are standing next to the machines offering their help to the tourists. You should be careful, they could be tricksters. It often happens that scammers stick the slot for the money return. If you have chosen the ticket and want to pay with a bank note, where the remaining money exceeds 4 euros, the machine returns the bank note. If the slot is taped, the note does not come out and the cheater waits until you leave and picks it up.
Rome Metrebus Zone AB
Download Metrebus Zone AB as pdf!

Tickets in the city of Rome are valid for all public transport, bus, train, tram and metro. The tariff boundaries of Zone AB are marked in red in the map, which you can download here. For many City Passes, the use of public transport is already included!

Conditions of carriage (excerpt)

  • A child up to the age of 10 accompanied by an adult does not need a ticket.
  • Tickets are required for luggage >50x30x25 cm, bicycles and pets.
  • No tickets are required for seeing-eye dogs, folded baby buggies and musical instruments which do not exceed 150x50x20 cm.

Metrebus Rome Tickets Online Order

If you do not want to lose time with the purchase of tickets on site, you can order the tickets online at rent-a-guide GmbH from Bochum in Germany and have them sent to your home by post. The service is very convenient and reliable. However, you must order in good time so that the tickets can be delivered before your departure.

Regional ticket 3 zones for 7 days. This ticket will allow you to travel from Fiumicino Airport to Rome on the FL1 trains, as well as by regional bus, from Ciampino Ciampino airport to Rome by train and regional buses, as well as using all public transport in the city of Rome. You can also use all the regional connections around Rome, such as to Tivoli and Castel Gandolfo.

24h ticket Rome city area. The ticket is valid 24 hours from the first validation, for an unlimited number of trips in Rome.

48h-ticket Rome city area. The ticket is valid 48h from the initial validation, for an unlimited number of rides in Rome.

72h-ticket Rome city area. The ticket is valid 72h from the initial validation, for an unlimited number of rides in Rome.

CIS for 7 days Rome city area valid from the date of the first validation until midnight of the seventh day, for an unlimited number of journeys in Rome.

Please note: Metrebus tickets Rome city area are not valid from and to Fiumicino airport! The regional ticket CIRS for 3 zones is valid for the train line FL1 which connects to Trastevere, Ostiense, Tiburtina and other stations in Rome. The regional ticket is valid also for the regional buses.

The Metrebus tickets Rome city area is valid between Ciampino airport and the Cinecittà metro station of line A with bus 520 and the Laurentina metro station of line B with bus 720.

One way ticket metrebus Ataclogo

100 minute tickets Rome BITBIT (1,50 €) valid for 100 minutes from the first validation or for a subway ride, also on several lines, without leaving the turnstiles. This ticket is not available online.

Tickets for regional transport

Regional map Metrebus LazioThe Lazio region is divided into 7 zones, with the city center of Rome (see map-red) beating with 2 zones.

Attention! Limited validity on the connections to Fiumicino airport!
The regional tickets are not valid for the train “Leonardo express” from Termini to Fiumicino airport and not for the COTRAL connections between Termini station or Tiburtina station and Fiumicino airport.

For train line FL1 and the other COTRAL connections between Fiumicino airport and the city of Rome, a three-zone ticket (for details see below, BIRG 8 € for a day) is necessary or tickets for a single journey.


Metrebus Rome Tickets Online are available online as a three-zone ticket for seven days (see above). There are also the following tickets:

Tickets BIRGBIRGday ticket valid until midnight for an unlimited number of trips in the area of Lazio.
The cost varies depending on the number of zones: 1 zone 3,30 € – 2 zones 6,00 € – 3 zones 8,00 € – 4 zones 9,30 € – 5 zones 12,00 € – 6 zones 14,00 € – 7 zones 14,00 €

Tickets BTR
BTR – 3-day ticket valid until midnight of the 3rd day valid for an unlimited number of trips in the area of Lazio.
The cost varies depending on the number of zones: 1 zone 8,90 € – 2 zones 16,50 € – 3 zones 22,00 € – 4 zones 26,10 € – 5 zones 33,70 € – 6 zones 39,20 € – 7 zones 39,20 €

Tickets CIRSCIRS – integrated regional weekly ticket valid until midnight of the 7th day for an unlimited number of trips in the area of Lazio. The cost varies depending on the number of zones: 1 zone 13,50 € – 2 zones 24,00 € – 3 zones 34,50 € – 4 zones 42,00 € – 5 zones 52,50 € – 6 zones 61,50 € – 7 zones 61,50 €

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  1. hi there

    it’s unclear to me if the CIS card for 7 days, will take me from ciampino ariport to cinecitta metrostation. and using the samen CIS card to take me to termini or beyond
    all other websites warn me that this will NOT work for airports

    please let me know

    • Hi John,
      these websites have old information. From Ciampino you can use the CIS with the city lines 520 to Cinecittà and 720 to Laurentina. The two lines 520 and 720 are rather new and run from the city bus ATAC.

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