Ostia Antica & Ostia Lido · Archeology & the sea

Ostia Lido summer pedestrian area center

The ancient trading town of Ostia is a popular destination for Romans to spend a day by the sea. Ancient ruins, sun, sand, dunes and sea, bathing facilities and good fish restaurants, Ostia has a lot to offer.

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Sunday in Rome · Walk on the Appia Antica

Sunday in Rome Via Appia Antica

On Sunday in Rome it is especially beautiful on the Appia Antica because there is hardly any traffic. During a walk or a bike ride you will see ancient tombs on the right and left side of the road and after visiting the catacombs you can enjoy a delicious meal in a garden restaurant.

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The most beautiful parks and Villas in Rome · Culture and nature

Parks und Villen in Rom parks and villas in Rome

Unbelievable but true! Rome is the city with the most green spaces in Europe. The parks and villas in Rome are mainly due to the popes. There were estates and hunts of the noble families of Rome. The largest villa is Villa Pamphili in northwestern Rome. It is the destination of walkers, joggers and Sunday excursions.

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Vatican City in 3 hours · What you need to know

Vatican city in 3 hours

The Vatican State is one of the most important attractions for pilgrims and visitors to Rome. Visiting the museums and St. Peter’s Basilica in three hours is a logistical challenge. Read how you can succeed and what you need to consider in order not to be turned away at the entrance.

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Villa d’Este in Tivoli · Info and photo gallery

Villa d'Este Tivoli Neptune Fountain

Villa d’Este dates back to Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este in the 16th century. He had the idea of ​​setting a garden below his palace, which was built in a former Benedictine monastery.

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The seven churches pilgrimage route (Sette chiese)

Papstbasiliken zu Fuß Sieben Kirchen Pilgerweg

The seven church pilgrimage has a long tradition. For the Romans, “making the round of the seven churches” means that it takes a long time. Find out here which churches belong and how to get there best.

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