Chinese New Year in Rome 2021 · When and where

Chinese New Year in Rome. The Chinese celebrate the New Year according to their lunar calendar on the second new moon after the winter solstice. It falls on a date between January 21 and February 20.

Chinese New Year RomeIn 2021, the Chinese New Year begins on February 12th under the sign of the ox, the second sign of the Chinese zodiac. The year of the rat, which we like to leave behind, ends. The buffalo is close to the earth, hardworking and active. We can therefore hope for a good year.

Chinese New Year in Rome

Rome Chinese New Year Martial ArtsBeijing and Rome have been twin cities since 1998. There is a large Chinese community in Rome celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Even the Romans are happy about every festival, and so the Chinese New Year is celebrated in Rome since some time extensively.

Unfortunately, no events can take place this year due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus.

New Chinese art in the Auditorium Conciliazione

Liquid ShadowLiquid Shadow Liao Pei RomeChinese artist Liao Pei will be exhibiting in the Conciliazione Auditorium from January 15th to March 6th. Her artistic vision connects the Far East with the Occident.

Via della Conciliazione, 4, between Castel Sant’Angelo and St

. Peter’s Basilica

The Chinese New Year in Via dei Condotti

Rome Chinese New Year photography exhibitionThe boutiques in Via dei Condotti organize a joint exhibition of photographs of 55 Chinese sites of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Many brands on Via dei Condotti take part in the initiative. Take advantage of this and take a look at some designer pieces in connection with this unique exhibition.

When: 20.1.-2.2.2020, during business hours

Where: Via dei Condotti, between Via del Corso and the Spanish Steps

The following shops take part in the exhibition:

In Via dei Condotti: Swarovski, Battistoni, Federico Buccellati, Falconieri, Cartier, Damiani, Bulgari, Carlo Eleuteri, Dolce & Gabbana, Stuart Weitzman, Salvatore Ferragamo

On the Piazza di Spagna: Dolce & Gabbana

The Grand Hotel Plaza on Via del Corso

In the cross street Via Bocca di Leone: Angeletti

In the parallel street Via Borgognona: Il Bisonte

The Chinese New Year festival at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Usually, the Chinese New Year is celebrated in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Although the square has been beautifully rebuilt and reopened, the New Year’s festival in 2021 unfortunately cannot take place.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II was inaugurated in 1882, 11 years after Rome became Italy’s capital. The square is framed by imposing palaces with arcades in the style of the Piedmontese.

It is located south of Termini Central Station in the Esquilino district and many Chinese have settled here and there are many Chinese shops and stores selling goods from all over the world. Here is the Mercato Esquilino, the largest food market in Rome with the largest selection of exotic vegetables, fruits and spices.

Piazza Vittorio the magic doorThere is also a door to visit in Piazza Vittorio. It is the last remnant of a 17th century mansion and is called the magic door or door of alchemy. The owner of the villa, Count Palombara, dealt with alchemy and moved in esoteric circles. The door bears signs of alchemy. Statues of the Egyptian god Bes are on the right and left.