Colosseum tickets · Tickets & guided tours for the Colosseum

Colosseum tickets have a fixed entrance time. The Colosseum is the most visited museum in Italy. It had 7.6 million visitors in 2018. The tickets are therefore often sold out long in advance.

Skip the line tickets

Colosseum entrances satellite photo
Colosseum entrances

All Colosseum tickets are skip the line because you can only buy tickets online and you reserve the time for your admission while booking.

You cannot buy tickets at the Colosseum. You must book your tickets online in advance.

Colosseum tickets overlooking the Arch of TitusYou must be at the Colosseum 15 minutes before the scheduled time for security controls.

The tickets are valid for 24 hours to visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. You can visit the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum before the Colosseum, but must be at the Colosseum in time for the reserved time.

The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are internally connected and have two common entrances on Via dei Fori Imperiali and Via di San Gregorio.

Ticket with audioguide on the smartphone

Ticketbar Kolosseum ohne Anstehen

Ticket for Colosseum 1st + 2nd level, Imperial Forums, Forum Romanum and Palatine. It is recommended to book the ticket on time.

An audio guide will be provided via Google Play or Appstore.

During your booking you have to choose the date and time for your entry to the Colosseum. At the designated time you can use the entrance for individual visitors to the Colosseum.

Unfortunately this ticket is sold out very early. Then check the possibility of

Afternoon tickets with arena floor access

Ticketbar Kolosseum ohne Anstehen

Ticket for Colosseum arena floor and 1st level, Imperial Forums, Forum Romanum and Palatine. It is recommended to book the ticket on time.

The time to visit the Colosseum is 40 minutes.

Ticket with videoguide

Ticketbar Kolosseum ohne Anstehen

Ticket for Colosseum 1st + 2nd level, Imperial Forums, Forum Romanum and Palatine. It is recommended to book the ticket on time.

A video guide for the Colosseum is included.

More ticket you find at

Ticket S.U.P.E.R. Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome

Ticketbar Kolosseum ohne Anstehen

Ticket without Colosseum, but with two visits of the Imperial Forums, Forum Romanum and Palatine.  The ticket gives access to the Palatine Museum and six archaeological sites at the Roman Forum and Palatine areas, which you can’t visit with the standard ticket.

This ticket is specially for visiting the archaeological sites and the museum in the area of the Palatine and the Roman Forum. The visit to the Colosseum is not included

It takes up to a full day to visit these archaeological sites. The opening hours are:

House of Augustus 40 minutes max. 23 visitors

House of Livia 30 minutes max. 23 visitors

Aula Isiaca + Loggia Mattei 15 minutes max. 15 visitors

Winter 9-12:30, summer (1st April to 30th September) 9-13:30, closed on Mondays

Santa Maria Antiqua with Oratory of the 40 Martyrs and Ramp of Domitian 30 minutes max. 60 visitors

Temple of Romulus 15 minutes max. 30 visitors

Winter 13-15:30, summer 14:30-18:30, closed on Fridays

Palatine Museum ~ 1h

Criptoportico Neroniano 12 minutes max. 35 visitors

Winter 9-15:30, summer 9-18:30

Emperor Nero’s Domus Transitoria

Winter Friday – Monday 9-17:20, summer Friday – Monday 9-18

If you already have a ticket to the Colosseum and Palatine, you can buy an additional ticket to these archaeological sites at the Palatine ticket office.

On the days of free admission, the archaeological sites are closed.

Guided tours

Guided tours of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine

Skip the line at Rome’s oldest monuments with GetYourGuide Originals

The Colosseum with its sophisticated architecture and technology still has surprises in store for archaeologists. You will learn many interesting details in a guided tour.

It is a special experience to visit the Colosseum arena. These special tours start at the entrance of the gladiators “Stern” and it is sufficient if you are there 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Guided tour for the arena

Special tours

The Colosseum in 3D with explanations of its history.

The Colosseum in 3D without admission

The Colosseum in 3D with priority entry

Virtual Reality Colosseum Tour By Ancient and Recent ENG

The guided tours for the basement and the upper floors are very interesting. The evening tours are also very impressive. These tours are in high demand and often sold out well in advance. Tickets

Il sogno del Gladiatore | La Luna sul Colosseo

How to buy tickets on site

There is no way to buy tickets at the Colosseum. You can only buy tickets online and you will receive an online ticket, which you can print out or store on your mobile phone. At the Colosseum it is only required to show the QR code of the ticket on paper or on mobile.

You must also reserve free or reduced tickets online.

Colosseum hours

The Colosseum has the following opening hours:

2nd January – 15th February: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Last admission: 3:30 pm

16th February – 15th March: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Last admission: 4 pm

16 March – last Saturday in March: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Last admission: 4:30 pm

Last Sunday in March – August 31: 9:30 am – 7:15 pm
Last admission: 6:15 pm

1st September – 30th September: 10:30 am – 7 pm
Last admission: 6 pm

1st October – last Saturday in October: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
Last admission: 5:30 pm

Last Sunday in October – December 31: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Last admission: 3:30 pm

Forum Romanum and Palatine hill opening hours

Forum Romanum and Palatine hill have the same opening hours as the Coliseum. However, there is no night opening.

Colosseum free entrance

Free tickets to the Colosseum must also be reserved.

The Colosseum is free for:

  • Adolescents up to 18 years
  • School groups from the EU only with reservation. At the entrance, they must hand in a list of participants with name and date of birth on the stationery of the school.
  • Persons with disabilities and a companion
  • Tour guides and interpreters from the EU
  • Members of the international council of museum
  • Members of the international organization for conservation of cultural heritage
  • Students and lecturers from some departments
  • Journalists in the exercise of their activity

21 thoughts on “Colosseum tickets · Tickets & guided tours for the Colosseum”

  1. I just ordered online tickets for 2 adults. I received a confirmation email. But do I also receive another email with the actual tickets? Or a scan code? What entrance do we go to to enter with our tickets?

  2. Hi

    If free admission on Colosseum and archeopark on June 5? If does, do we need a ticket for the free admission or we can directly Go directly to Colosseum without the ticket for.

    • Hi Jen,
      yes, June 5 is free admission. The free ticket is available only at the three entrances Colosseum, Palatine and Forum Romanum. Try to get the ticket at the Palatine or at the Forum Romanum entrance, then you can skip the line at the Colosseum and have only to wait at the security.

    • The Colosseum is closed in the afternoon of Good Friday. The access to the Via Crucis at the Coliseum is without reservation, no tickets are required. The ceremony starts at 9:15 pm. You can follow the ceremony in real time on my page about the Papal Audience live.

  3. Hello,

    Is the Colosseum free on May 9, 2019? I’m unable to make reservations for that day…

    How late can you visit ?

    On a free admission day can family still visit underground area, arena,3rd and 4th floor @ the Colosseum ?

    Thank you and best,

    • Hi Patrick,
      May 9 is free admission. Hours are 8:30 – 18:15 (last admission) closing 19:15.
      On free admission days it is not possible to visit the underground and the upper floors. On these days you have to expect long queues at the ticket counters and the security. For the free tickets, you can get them also at the ticket counters at the Palatine entrance and at the Forum Romanum entrance.
      Have a nice time in Rome, Bernhard

  4. Hi Bernhard,
    1. Are the free admission tickets available only at the Colosseum entrance?
    2. Are they available in advance (say 1 day before the free admission day)?
    3. What time should one turn up on the free admission day (e.g. 05 June 2019) to be able to enter the Colosseum complex, at say 0930 hrs?


    • Hi Arvind,
      1. You can get the tickets also at the entrances in Via di San Gregorio (Palatine) and Via dei Fori Imperiali / Via della Salara Vecchia (Roman Forum).
      2. No.
      3. This is hard to say. Sometimes you find waiting lines also at the entrances of Palatine and Roman Forum. But for sure the longest queue is directly at the Colosseum. I went there today at 9 am (today is also free entry). In Via di San Gregorio was a queue and at Fori Imperiali nobody. But it can also be viceversa. After you’ve got the tickets there, you can pass the queue at the Coliseum, but you have still to wait for the security check. Today at 9 am it was already completely full and my estimate is, that it needed around 30 minutes to pass the security. I believe, the best is to be immediately at 8:30 at the entrances of Roman Forum or Palatine for the tickets and then head for the Colosseum.
      Best regards

  5. Hi,

    I am hearing rumours that the free entrance into the Colosseum for the first Sunday of the month during April through to August 2019 is being withdrawn and will be back to paid tickets with tours operating – do you know if this is true?

    • Hi Steve,
      there are rumours, but nothing confirmed. From now on, every director of each single museum must decide about the dates of free entrance. Actually, there are no tickets for sale for the first Sunday of the month, but this may change. If you don’t see tickets available for the first Sunday in the booking systems, admission shall be free of cost.

    • Now the dates are out for the free admission to the Colosseum year 2019:
      April – no free admission
      May 9
      June 5, 29
      September 23
      October 4, 6
      November 3, 4
      December, 1
      + from September to March, the last three hours of every last Thursday

    • Hi Emily,
      free entry to the national museums in the days 5-10 March 2019 is cnfirmed. You get the free ticket at the entrance of the Colosseum. Reservation is not possible.

  6. Hi,

    If I book a ticket for coloseeum including belvedere access, with the tour at 13:35.

    Is it possible to visit palantine hill and roman forum before this time or do we have to go to colosseum first?


    • Hi,
      yes, you can do that. But you should be at the Arena entrance “Stern” not later than 13:20. “Stern” is the entrance on the other side of the Coliseum and there is no queue. When you come from the Palatine, you go on the right side around the Coliseum, when you come from the Roman Forum you take the left. The visit of the Belvedere needs around 75 minutes and after that you can stay longer in the and 2.nd floor of the Coliseum, if you like.

      On the Palatine hill are very nice viewpoints and you shall take some time to see them. For Forum and Palatine you will need around 2-3 hours.

  7. Hello,

    Is the Colosseum closed on the Christmas Day (25Dec2018) and reopened on the day after Christmas (26Dec2018)? We plan to arrive Rome on the Christmas day and would like to know for planning purpose.

    Thank you and best,


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