Where to stay in Rome · Best location for your stay

Where to stay in Rome. Which neighborhoods are good for tourists, which if you are in Rome by car.

Where to stay in Rome · Neighborhood

Where to stay in Rome central districts
Central districts

As public transport in Rome is not reliable, the location of the hotel is particularly important.

From the periphery to the center you need by public transport sometimes an hour and at night there may not be any connections. That can be quite uncomfortable.

Area around Termini station

Many tourists choose a hotel in the station district. The hotels around the train station are reasonably priced. However, the train station is not in the center and so you need public transport, bus or metro to get to the center or the Vatican.

Center – Campus Martius

The Campus Martius extends from the Capitol to the Tiber, to the Piazza del Popolo, to the Spanish Steps and to the Quirinalshügel, thus embracing today’s city center.

Unless you are in Rome by car, accommodation in the center is ideal. The city life starts right on the doorstep and you can reach many attractions on foot at any time.



Monti is the area from the Colosseum to Via Nazionale around the Cavour metro station. Monti is very picturesque, being in close proximity to the Coliseum and not far from the center. Monti is only partially suitable for traveling by car.

Vatican City – Prati

This area is very conveniently located for visits to St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums. To visit the city center you need public transport. If you want to arrive by car, you should choose a hotel with its own garage.


In Trastevere there is always something going on in the evening. There are many bars and restaurants and many visitors come here for dinner or to enjoy the evening and night in one of the squares. If you choose a hotel in Trastevere, you should be sure that it has a quiet location.

Via Veneto

Via Veneto is the street of the Roman “Dolce Vita” with luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. The center is relatively easy to reach on foot.

Where to stay in Rome · By car in Rome

If you are traveling by car, you should choose an accommodation with parking. You should not drive into the traffic-calmed zones (ZTL). The low traffic zones include the city center, Trastevere and Testaccio. Conveniently located are accommodations in the outskirts of the city, if possible near one of the major access roads and well connected to public transport.

In particular, accommodations in the south and west of Rome are unproblematic, while the traffic situation in the north, east and southeast is rather difficult.

Casalpalocco, Ostia, Fiumicino and the entire area along the highway from Fiumicino airport to Rome along the via Cristoforo Colombo from Ostia are recommended in the West. Within the ring road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) we suggest to look for a hotel in the area between via Aurelia, via Cristoforo Colombo, via Appia and Tuscolana.

The traffic situation, especially at the peak times, on the other streets that lead into Rome as Casilina and Prenestina, Tiburtina, Nomentana, Salaria, Flaminia or Cassia, as well as on the highway that leads from Rome to L’Aquila, is dramatic.

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