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The Termini and Tiburtina train stations are the junctions of the Italian high-speed network in Rome. Termini Central Station provides the transition to many regional trains as well as the metro and city buses. The modern Tiburtina station is a transit station and some high-speed trains on the north-south axis only stop here. In Tiburtina the transition to the Metro B is possible as well as to city connections in the northeast of Rome. At the station Ostiense there is the transition to the local train to Ostia and to the metro, at the station Trastevere you go to the Vatican by trains on the railway line to Viterbo or on the line to Civitavecchia, Pisa and Genoa.

Central Station Rome Termini

Termini Central Station is a very large terminus station with 24 main tracks and five recessed tracks for regional traffic on the left, at Via Giolitti.

Termini MapIn particular, the transition from the long-distance connections to regional traffic can lead to long ways. Approximately in the middle of the platforms, there is an underpass, with which you can shorten the way considerably.

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At the head of the station is a shopping gallery on three floors and in the basement the transition to the metro lines. On the left side of the station, at Via Giolitti, there is a large area with bars, restaurants and street food.

Bus station Rome Termini map

In front of the head of the station are the taxis and the bus station of the city buses.

The airport shuttle to Ciampino and Fiumicino from SIT Bus departs from the station on the right, in via Marsala n° 5.

At the Termini station there are numerous ticket machines. Nevertheless, there are long queues at the ticket offices. You should therefore buy your tickets in advance on the Internet. There are different booking classes for the high-speed trains. The earlier you book a train, the cheaper the tickets are, even in 1st class.

Luggage storage can also lead to significant queues because the baggage has to undergo a security check. Opposite the train station there is a private luggage storage service that is faster and cheaper.

Rome Termini Mercato Centrale Street Food
Mercato Centrale

In Rome you can eat very well. This also applies to the Termini station. On the left side of the station, on the Via Giolitti side, there is a large restoration area in the middle of the station. The name is “Mercato Centrale”. The Mercato Centrale has restaurants and a large street food area where the best brands in Rome compete for the guests. Here you can get pizza, hamburgers, fish specialties, international beers, desserts and ice cream. If you are just near Termini Station and want to eat something, the Mercato Centrale is recommended.

Tiburtina Station

The station was completely renovated a few years ago and serves as a stop for high-speed trains on the Naples – Florence axis. The fact that the trains do not have to enter Termini central station saves a lot of time on the north-south axis. At the Tiburtina station, metro line B crosses. It is the starting point of numerous regional bus services. From Fiumicino Airport, get to Tiburtina Station with the FL1 direction Fara Sabina.

Trastevere train station

From Fiumicino airport you can change at Trastevere train station towards Civitavecchia – Pisa – Genoa and towards Viterbo. Trains also stop near St. Peter’s Basilica at Roma San Pietro station.

From Trastevere, take tram number 8 to the central Piazza Venezia and tram number 3 to the Colosseum and on, past the St. John’s Basilica, the Holy Cross in Jerusalem and St. Lawrence, to the zoo.

Station Ostiense

Rome Eataly at Ostiense station
Eataly at Ostiense station

Ostiense Station is also located on the FL1 line from Fiumicino Airport towards Fara Sabina. The train station is connected to the metro station Piramide on line B. From there, the trains to Ostia leave.

Opposite to the old station building is the noble supermarket “Eataly” with selected food and various dining options from snacks to quality restaurants. It is directly connected by the underpass in the center of the platforms.

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