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Rome seasons: You want to know what season in Rome is the best? It all depends on what you want to see and experience.

Rome Seasons · Visiting museums

November, January and February are the best months for museum visits. In these three months are the fewest visitors in Rome and the temperatures in the buildings are pleasant.

Rome Seasons · Enjoy the city

It is climatically pleasant from Easter to early November. Many guests arrive at Christmas, although the decoration of the city and the atmosphere is not comparable with northern European cities.

But even winter has its charm, because there are fewer visitors in Rome and you can enjoy the attractions with more peace.

Rome Seasons · August: The most beautiful month in Rome

I believe August is the best month in Rome. In August many Romans are in vacation and the city is quiet and less hectic. Of course, some restaurants and shops are closed, but you will hardly notice it.

In the hot period, Romans and tourists are rather nocturnal. In the heat of the day, retreat to air-conditioned rooms, visit churches and catacombs, or relax in a park or open-air museum such as the Palatine or the Diocletian Baths. From July to the beginning of September there will be a feast on the Tiber in Rome in the evening.

You should choose air conditioned rooms for the accommodation, because the temperatures are high even at night. Furthermore, the heat in August is not a big problem, as there is usually a pleasant wind and you find almost everywhere air conditioning. The churches are usually pleasantly fresh. Many museums do not air-condition the rooms and it can be uncomfortable.

You can take excursions in the surroundings, such as Tivoli or Castelgandolfo. Even the sea is not far away, but it will be particularly busy on the weekends.

Rome Seasons · Winter

Winter in Rome is something special. Most importantly, few tourists are in Rome and you can enjoy many attractions with more peace of mind.

Then there is the delicious but heavy Roman cuisine with deep-fried artichokes and other specialties that are better suited to the cold season than summer.

Last but not least, Rome is an Eldorado for the Christmas shopping. In the center around Via dei Condotti are all major brands represented. You will also find art, antiques, second hand and everything your heart desires.

Rome Seasons · Spring

Spring is a very pleasant season in Rome. From the beginning of Lent until Pentecost are many visitors in Rome.

In May and June there are many events and activities, in June and July a lot of open-air concerts.

Rome Seasons · Autumn

From mid-September, it will be very pleasant in Rome. At night it’s cool, in the morning the air is almost spring-like and during the day it is not too hot.

This is the season with the most visitors in Rome.

Rome Seasons Weather Statistics

The coldest months are December and January. It rarely goes below 32°F, the maximum temperatures are 50 to 65°F. From mid-February, the temperature is slowly rising. Very variable can be the June, sometimes very hot and sometimes completely rainy.

From the end of June to September temperatures do not drop below 70°F at night. This can be very unpleasant and your accommodation should have air conditioning during these months. During the day the maximum values ​​are between 86 and 97°F, rarely above. During this time it rains very rarely and the intense tropical rainstorms do not last long.

In October it can get quite cold and it can rain occasionally, from November also with strong winds and storms. However, the heating season usually starts in Rome until the beginning of November and lasts until Easter.

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Rome Seasons Guests Statistics

Most visitors come to Rome in October, the time with the fewest visitors is going from mid-November to mid-March.
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