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Unfortunately the Rome Marathon on March 29th has been canceled.

The 26th Rome Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 29, 2020. The run starts at 8:30, start and finish are at the Colosseum. Here you will find all information about the enrollment and the course.

There is also a free run with a length of 5 kilometers. It will take place on Saturday March 28th.

Rome marathon

Rome marathon 2019 legionnaire
Rome marathon 2017 Foto: Giancarlo Magazzù

The Rome Marathon takes place in 2020 for the 256th time. The running route leads from the center to the south and north through the city and there are significant traffic obstructions.

Read the traffic regulation information for the Rome Marathon

Registration schedule and Costs

Registration for the Rome Marathon must be completed by 15 March 2020. The enrollment has the following costs:

Until 31.12.2019: 55 €, until 31.1.2020: 70 €, until 28.2.2020: 80 €, until 15.3.2020: 95 €

The registration for the free run “Stracittadina” can be made online until March 27, 2020 or in the Marathon Village and costs 11 euros. Saturday 28.3. you can register at Circo Massimo for a slightly higher price.

Read the information about the formalities of registration for the Rome Marathon


Marathon village

The Marathon Village 2020 has not yet been announced. The Marathon Village 2019 was the former public transport company on Via Tuscolana 171.The Marathon Village is located in the former public transport workshops on Via Tuscolana 171.

27-28 March 2020 9am -8pm Bus 16, 85 (to Tuscolana/Gela stop), 412 (from Metro Ponte Lungo to Stazione Tuscolana) Metro A Ponte Lungo, rail line FL1 (Fiumicino-Fara in Sabina) Tuscolana Station

The free run “Stracittadina”

Running track Stracittadina RomaThe free run starts on the Via dei Fori Imperiali after the start of the marathon at 9 o’clock. The route is very picturesque. It leads through Piazza Venezia to the Theater of Marcellus and past the Circus Maximus once around the Baths of Caracalla and back to the Circus Maximus.

March 28, 2020 3 pm Metro B Cavour Station

Rome Marathon – Registration

The registration takes place on the official website of the Rome Marathon

The following rules apply to registrations for the marathon:

If you are not resident in Italy, the following rules apply to you:

If you are a member of an IAAF Athletics Federation, you must complete the Declaration for Foreign Athletes Declaration Declaration FIDAL.pdf and send it together with the membership card to info(at) You must bring the originals of the declaration and the membership card to pick up your starter package.

If you are not a member of an athletics federation, you must order a runcard upon enrollment. The runcard includes insurance and costs 15 euros with validity for one year. You must then submit a medical certificate FIDAL medical certificate.pdf. You must upload the certificate to the portal using the access data you received when you registered. You must bring the original to pick up your launch package.

"RunningYou must first register on the website and can continue with the registration after receiving a confirmation email. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. As part of the registration, you should first upload the scanned medical certificate and, if applicable, your Runcard or the membership card of your athletics association.

Rome Marathon route

Route Rome Marathon 2019 Southern PartThe route 2020 is not yet fully defined. The route passes many of Rome’s major attractions:

Circus Maximus, Pyramid, St. Paul Outside the Walls, Tiber Island, St. Peter, Olympic Stadium, Milvio Bridge, Ara Pacis, Piazza del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Torre Argentina, and finally a walk around the Coliseum.

March 29, 2020 8:30 am Metro B Cavour Station

Rome Marathon 2019 results

The results of the Rome Marathon 2019 you find at this link.

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12 thoughts on “Rome Marathon 2020 · March 29 Run Rome The Marathon”

  1. Hi, We are leaving our hotel which is enroute of the marathon on April 7th. Our hotel is telling us that it’s ok for us to get a taxi in the area up until 8am to go to Termini rail station. I am little apprehensive. Hope some one can help. Our train is at 9:20

    • Hi Uzma,
      if you don’t stay right at the Colosseum 8am is ok. The Marathon starts around 8:30 and first moves south to Via Cristoforo Colombo and then to San Paolo but also there it will become difficult only after 8:30.

      • We need to leave our hotel at 16:30h to get to the airport Fiumiciono by car.
        It’s located Corso Vittorio Emanuele/Via del Gesú. Does the taxi have access to this area at this time?

      • Hi Alex,
        probably at that time they will still be cleaning some streets but the taxi will be able to arrive.

    • Hi John,
      you better go to the Trastevere railway station. You can take there trains to Termini and to Fiumicino.
      If you want to walk to Termini, you have to cross two times the marathon track. It depends, when you want to go. Maybe the first runners are at ponte Garibaldi around 9:30 and from 10:30 on it will become difficult to cross the area between Torre Argentina and Piazza Venezia. I suggest to pass at Ponte Garibaldi and then walk trough the Ghetto (via dei Falegnami, via Margana) to Piazza Venezia and to cross somewhere there. You may then continue to Largo Magnanapoli and via Panisperna. This is a nice walk but not with luggage as there are cobblestones.


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