23.9.2018 Rome half marathon Via Pacis

On 23.9.2018, the Rome half-marathon Via Pacis will be held.

Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis “Way of Peace”

This Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis “Way of Peace” is new. It originates from an initiative of the city of Rome and the pontifical council for culture. The aim of the event is to make known the cultural and religious wealth of the city and the integration between different religious communities. In addition to the race on a distance of 21,097 km, a free run is organized on a 5km track. In the sense of the traditional Seven-Church pilgrimage, the course connects the religious sites of different denominations and religious communities, such as the mosque, the synagogue, Christian churches and other religious places. The event is technically and logistically supported by the Italian Athletics Federation FIDAL.

Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis Start and route guidance

Rome half-marathon Via Pacis northern part
Half-marathon Via Pacis northern part

Meeting point is the St. Peter’s Square at 7:30 am on 23.9.2018. The race starts at 9am. The route crosses the Tiber and then south, past the Synagogue, to Circus Maximus.

Continues to the Colosseum and then heads north past Piazza Venezia and Via del Corso.

Continues to the Ara Pacis and along the Tiber to the Parioli and the Mosque.

Rome half-marathon Via Pacis southern part
Half-marathon Via Pacis southern part

From there, it passes the Olympia stadium and through Prati to St. Peter’s Square.

The free 5km race starts at 9:30am. After the route to the synagogue, you will return to the Marcellus Theater, to Piazza Venezia and then to St. Peter’s.

Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis Registration

Runners with year of birth 1999 and older can participate in the competition. Registration is within Monday 11 September midnight. For the free run you can register online until Thursday, September 14th or until Saturday, September 16th, 6pm directly at the runners’ center in Piazza del Popolo. There you can also pick up the starting number and the runners’ package.

Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis Registration for foreign runners

By registering, you must declare legally binding that you are a member of an IAAF Athletics Federation. Otherwise, you must purchase a runcard that is valid for one year and includes insurance. In addition, you need a sports certificate, which can also be issued in your home country, but which must include the examinations required in Italy: medical examination, urine test, ECG at rest and after exercise, spirography. The certificate can also be stored in the database of the runcard or presented by means of a suitable app.

Rome Half-marathon Via Pacis More information

You can register for the Rome Half-Marathon Via Pacis at http://www.romahalfmarathon.org/.

You can find more information about the runcard at www.runcard.com

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