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The Roma Pass and other City Passes offer a wide range of services for every need. In addition to museum tickets, various cards offer audio guides, Vatican Museums tickets, guided tours in St. Peter’s Basilica, public transport, airport transfers or hop on hop off buses.


Popular passes are the Roma Pass, the Omnia Card and the Rome Tourist Card.

The Roma Pass includes free use of public transport and you will receive a card for public transport and which is valid for access to the museums. The Omnia Card 72h offers additional services to the Roma Pass, such as Vatican Museums, audio guides for St. Peter’s Basilica and hop on hop off buses.

The Rome Tourist Card does not include public transport and is delivered online.

The Roma Pass

The Roma Pass is the official Rome City Card of the municipality of Rome. It allows free use of public transport in Rome. The transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Rome is not included. From Ciampino Airport you can use the Roma Pass to take bus 520 to Subaugusta metro station or 720 to Laurentina metro station.

From the first use, the Roma Pass is valid for 48 or 72 hours. A visit to one museum is included for 48 hours and to two museums for 72 hours. If you want to visit more museums, you get reduced tickets. The Vatican Museums are not included.

Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum count as one museum, although there are different entrances. Preferential entry also makes sense at Castel Sant’Angelo so that you don’t have to queue.


Also with the Roma Pass you must make reservations for the museums. For the Colosseum there is a telephone number +39 06 39967575 and a reservation fee is required. To reserve the Borghese Gallery, call +39 06 32810.

You can reserve the museums of the Municipality of Rome by phone at 060608. The Rome Tourist Card, which already includes the reservation for the Colosseum, is more convenient in this regard.

To the list of national museums and museums of the Municipality of Rome>

Roma Pass online order

You save a lot of time when you order online. You can pick it up in Rome, for example at a point of the tourist information right on arrival at Fiumicino airport (arrival terminal 3 8am – 8:30pm) or Ciampino (arrival terminal 8:30am – 6pm)

Discounts for children and young people

There is no reduction for children and young people with the Roma Pass . It wouldn’t be worth it either, because entry to the state museums, which also include the Colosseum, is free up to the age of 18. However, in most cases the accompanying children also need a reservation.

Children up to the age of 10 travel for free on public transport in Rome when accompanied by an adult. For the older children you can buy day tickets or multi-day tickets. Information on public transport in Rome>

Young children have free entry to the museums of the Municipality of Rome. Children from the age of 6 pay a reduced admission price. The museums of the Municipality of Rome include the Capitoline Museums and the Trajan’s Markets.

The Omnia Card

The Omnia Card is the city card of the Roman pilgrimage. It is the card with the most benefits. In the 72h version it offers the Roma Pass and the Vatican Museums with the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica with audio guide and the yellow hop on hop off line from Roma Cristiana.

You can pick up the Omnia Card at the offices of the Roman Pilgrimage. One is on the left in front of St. Peter’s Square, the other in Via dei Cestari, which leads from Largo di Torre Argentina to the Pantheon. With your reservation you can take the yellow buses to the offices for free.

The Rome Tourist Card

The Rome Tourist Card is a product of Tiqets. The Tourist Card is very convenient. With just a few clicks you can reserve the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums and preferential entry to St. Peter’s Basilica with audio guide.

All tickets in the package are delivered online and the QR code provided can be used. All services and options can be found on the Tiqets website.

Rome Tourist Card small

Which Rome City Card is worthwhile for you?

Whether and which City Card is worthwhile for you depends on what you are planning to do in Rome.

The City Passes are usually cheaper than the individual services. Above all, however, they are convenient because you can reserve everything in just a few simple steps.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cards

Roma Pass pros

  • Public transport is included. This is an advantage if your accommodation is not in the center
  • Entry to one or two museums is included
  • For further museum visits you pay a reduced admission price
  • Use of the public toilets is free

Roma Pass cons

  • The Vatican Museums and priority entry to St. Peter’s Basilica are not included
  • Museums that require a reservation must be reserved separately and in some cases for a fee
  • The pass must be collected from a tourist information office

Omnia Card pros

  • The Roma Pass is included in the 72h Omnia Card
  • The use of hop on hop off buses and public transport offers maximum flexibility
  • The Vatican Museums and priority entry to St. Peter’s Basilica are included

Omnia Card cons

  • National and municipal museums that require reservations must be reserved separately and in some cases for a fee
  • The Omnia Card must be picked up in an office of the pilgrims’ organization

Rome Tourist Card pros

  • The Rome Tourist Card is delivered online and does not need to be picked up
  • It includes the main attractions: Vatican Museums, Colosseum and priority entry to St. Peter’s Basilica
  • All necessary reservations are included
  • The reservations do not have to be within a specified time frame (24h or 72h)

Rome Tourist Card cons

  • Public transport is not included. This is a disadvantage if your accommodation is not in the center. You then have to buy either single tickets (€ 1.50) or day tickets (details). You can rarely use public transport in the center.
  • There are no reduced admission prices for further museum visits

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