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Rome Ciampino Airport Transfer. How to get to the hotel in Rome from Ciampino airport and back and what options are available for the airport transfer to and from Ciampino airport.

From Rome Ciampino airport to Rome

Depending on the time of day, the transfer between Rome Ciampino and Rome requires a certain amount of logistical skill.

Rome Ciampino city airport “GB Pastine” is a low cost airport.

Rome Ciampino Airport, code CIA, is located about 10 miles from the center of Rome. The port of Civitavecchia is 56 miles away.

Ciampino Airport is located on the southern outskirts of Rome and on the outskirts of Ciampino, about three kilometers outside the ring road.

On the Via Appia you can get from Rome Ciampino Airport to the city center directly.

The airport has no rail connection. However, there are two city bus lines, regional buses and shuttles.

Shuttle bus

There are several shuttle bus companies operating between Rome and Rome Ciampino Airport. Their stop is in the parking lot in front of the terminal. The shuttle buses go to Termini central station. The cost of the shuttle buses is 6 euros per person per way. The bus ride between Ciampino Airport and Rome can take up to an hour, depending on the traffic. Difficult traffic situations can lead to irregularities in the departures.

The SIT bus, which you can book here at the original price, has the stop at Termini Central Station in Via Marsala 5. First departure from Termini is at 4:30am, last departure at 9:30pm. First departure from Rome Ciampino is at 7:45am, last departure at 00:15am.

New! From Ciampino: shuttle bus + 72h ticket

Shuttle bus from Ciampino airport to Termini station and 72h ticket Metro/Bus/Tram/Train Rome metropolitan area. The 72h Metrebus ticket is provided by the shuttle bus staff at Ciampino Airport. The 72 hours count from the first validation in a public transport.

ATAC City bus between Ciampino airport and Rome

Rome Ciampino Airport is connected to Rome by two city bus lines.

Both lines can be used with the normal city transport ticket. The ticket costs 1.50 € and has a validity of 100 minutes.

The bus line 520 departs from the subway stop Subaugusta of metro line A to Rome Ciampino airport and back. The bus also stops at the metro station Cinecittà and at the station Capannelle of the regional train line FL4.

The bus runs from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm every 20 minutes. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

The bus line 720 goes from Laurentina, the last stop of the metro line B, to Rome Ciampino airport and back. The bus departs approximately every half hour. The journey takes about 40 minutes, if there is no traffic jam on the Via Ardeatina.

The first bus leaves from Laurentina station at 5:30 in the morning and may be in Ciampino at 6:00, the last bus leaves at 11:30 pm from the Laurentina and may be in Ciampino around midnight for the return journey.

Both lines can be used with the Roma Pass, which can be picked up at the tourist information point PIT in the Arrivals Hall between 8:30 am and 6 pm.

City cards

The following city cards include airport transfer from Ciampino Airport to Rome and back:

Roma Pass 48h, Roma Pass 72h, Omnia Card 72h: Travel by city bus line 520 or line 720

Rome Sightseeing Pass, Rome City Pass: By shuttle bus to Termini central station

Regional buses

Rome Ciampino airport is not connected to the railway network. However, there are bus lines connecting the airport to Ciampino train station and to the metro line A Anagnina station. But you need patience to get from Rome Ciampino to Rome on this route or from the city to Rome Ciampino airport.

Ciampino airport is linked to Ciampino train station by the ATRAL regional bus service. The journey from Termini to Ciampino train station takes around 12 minutes and costs € 2. The ride with ATRAL to the airport takes about 5 minutes and costs about 1.50 €.

Since the departure times are not well matched and irregular, however, it is a logistical challenge to get in a relatively short time by train from the central station to Ciampino airport. The drive to Ciampino station therefore only makes sense if you want to take a train directly to the southern outskirts of Rome.

Taxi at Ciampino airport

Taxi stand Ciampino airport
Taxi stand at Ciampino airport

If you have found a very cheap flight to Rome Ciampino, the taxi to the city may be more expensive than the flight. Nevertheless, the taxi often makes sense, especially if your accommodation is not around Termini Station or if you arrive late in the evening.

The drive to the periphery of Rome is usually cumbersome and time consuming. At night it is often impossible, because there is only a very thin network of night bus connections and the subway closes at 23.30 during week days.

Taxis are chronically in short supply at Ciampino airport. The fixed fare of 30 Euro is not satisfactory for the taxi driver and accordingly there are few taxis in Ciampino.

Taxi2airport logoParticularly in case of delays and at night, the few taxis in Ciampino are immediately engaged. Often passengers have to camp overnight at the airport and can not continue until the next day.

My recommendation is therefore to book the taxi from Ciampino in advance.

You can book your taxi online here and it will pick you up from the airport or from your hotel. Here you will find a fixed price for each destination without additional costs for the pickup. Service is provided by Taxi2airport.

The city walls of Rome - Le Mura Aureliane
The City walls of Rome – Le Mura Aureliane

The tariffs for the journey from Ciampino airport to Rome and vice versa are regulated and are per vehicle including 4 passengers and baggage:

  • City center within the city walls (Mura Aureliane) 30 Euro
  • Ostiense railway station 30 Euro
  • Tiburtina station 35 Euro
  • Fiumicino airport 50 Euro
  • For the rest of the city taximeter prices apply.

Do not get involved with people offering their services at the airport exit. These people often charge a lot of money and are not trustworthy.

Official taxis are located at the taxi stand in front of the terminal. The taxis are painted white and have a taxi sign on the roof.

In any case, you should note the name of the taxi or the license number.

Unfortunately, taxis are often scarce at Ciampino airport. You can try to share a taxi with other travelers. In case of several destinations you should agree with the driver in advance a fixed price for all destinations, which you can divide among the passengers.

If you share a taxi with others and there are more destinations in the city, the taxi drivers will ask for more than the regulated price from the passengers, but it is often the best way to get from Ciampino airport.

Limousine Service at Ciampino airport · Car with Chauffeur

The most convenient and fastest solution is to take a chauffeured car from Rome Ciampino Airport directly to the hotel. The driver usually waits at the exit of the arrivals area, of course also in case of delays. He also picks you up at the hotel and brings you punctually and comfortably to Rome Ciampino airport.

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