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Rome is not a bike-friendly city. But there are some very nice routes for the bike and also in the city center you can easily move by bike. Here you will find all information about bike paths, bike tours and what you need to consider when renting bicycles.

What is better in Rome – bike or e-bike?

If you want to conquer Rome by bike, remember that Rome is built on seven hills. The whole city and the surrounding areas of ​​Rome are very hilly and on many routes it’s constantly up and down.

Rome bike Tiber bike path
Tiber bike path along the Tiber

You can find level courses along the Tiber banks, the Tiber bike path, in the city ​​center between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia, from the Coliseum to via Appia Antica, and north from Piazza del Popolo along the Via Flaminia to the Tiber.

Capitol, Palatine, Aventine, Celio, Esquiline, Quirinal and Viminal are the seven hills, which are usually called. The Vatican is also located on a hill and to the south is the very charming Gianicolo. To the northwest rises Monte Mario.

To experience Rome by bike, you have to bring a certain level of fitnes or you use an e-bike.

What you should pay attention to by bike in Roman traffic

The Roman drivers are in general very considerate to cyclists, accidents are rare.

Cyclists are usually treated as pedestrians. You can usually go through pedestrian zones and go on sidewalks. Also the journey in the opposite direction of one-way streets usually is not punished if you drive on the edge and threatens no other road users. Most secure you’re going in a group.

You can not rely on the other traffic participants to comply with the rules. Overhauling a car on the right at a crossroads can be deadly, because the driver may turn off without blinking and certainly does not look at straight-ahead cyclists.

Once you cross the road on a crosswalk, you should not exceed walking pace. The crossing of the roadway at pedestrian lights with the bicycle is common in Rome.

Bike paths and routes

Rome Bike cycle network
Bike paths in Rome

If you want to be on your own, consider a ride through the center, along the Tiber, or from the Circus Maximus to the Appia Antica – but you will find cobblestones on this route.

The Tiber bike path

The route along the Tiber banks is particularly beautiful and quiet. It goes almost entirely through the whole city. You have to overcome only the height difference of the city to the banks of the Tiber and can return anywhere on central points upwards.

Cycling in the green – villas and parks

Bicycle on Via Appia Antica Rome
With the bicycle on the Appia Antica

Also rides through the Roman villas and parks are very nice.

Particular interesting is the park of the Appia Antica and the park of the aqueducts. On the traffic calmed part of the Appia Antica beginning at the tomb of Cecilia Metella you can cycle for many miles.

Cycling in the center

For trips by bicycle in the center of Rome, you should choose routes off the main roads. Right and left of the main roads you can drive through picturesque streets. Some beautiful pedestrian bridges are ideal for the crossing of the Tiber river. In the center, pass the Isola Tiberina, Ponte Sisto or the Angel’s Bridge, further in the North Ponte della Musica at the Olympic Stadium and Ponte Milvio.

Where you can rent a bike

There are various places for bicycles in the city, where you can rent a bike by the hour or for several days. Please read our notes and tips!

Precautions on bicycle rental

Bicycles are very difficult to secure against theft. You should never leave unattended your bike. The lenders are usually not insured against theft and you have to replace the eventual damage.

Unfortunately, one can occasionally read about fraudulent lenders, especially when a deposit is required by credit card or passport. I have therefore picked out some bicycle rentals for you, which are well known and you can book online:

Vespa  Style in Via Milazzo 3 a, near the main station Termini

Topbike in Via Labiana 49, near the Colosseum

Wheely in Via Labicana 118, near the Colosseum

Elebike in Via Labicana 118, near the Colosseum

Bicycle rides in Rome surroundings

Learn a special experience by bicycle in the surrounding countryside of Rome!
In the surroundings of Rome, there are beautiful destinations, which you can reach by bicycle, be it the coast or the mountains.

When riding a bike on country roads, especially in the mountains, I want advise you to the utmost caution. Unfortunately, there are always serious and fatal accidents.

If you are not a very experienced rider – and they are not immune from accidents – I advise you to book a guided tour for your trip.

You are safer in the group, and the tour management will, as far as possible, choose routes without or with little traffic.


My favorite tracks

Especially nice for cycling trips are the park of the Appia Antica and the associated park of the aqueducts. In these regional parks there are very beautiful paths without traffic in the midst of ancient remains.

Unfortunately, the first piece goes from the Baths of Caracalla to the catacombs on cobblestones. If you turn left at the height of the catacombs of the Appia Antica, you come to the park of the Caffarella with good paths. Also on the site of the catacombs the roads are asphalted. After the tomb of Cecilia Metella the asphalt on the Appia Antica is interrupted again and again by stone slabs of the type ancient Roman road. They serve to deter cars before the passage. On the Appia Antica you can drive many kilometers to Ciampino.

Another beautiful route, but a little hilly, goes on the Via Cristoforo Colombo to Ostia. The cars drive very fast here, but there is a wide side strip on which you can easily ride a bike.

You can also take the local train to Ostia and then cycle along the sea. Heading south you can ride as far as you like on mostly flat roads or take a break at one of the free beaches.

If you’re feeling sporty, you can also cycle up the Via Tuscolana to the Castelli Romani and then from Castel Gandolfo on the Via Appia back to Rome. There is also a guided tour where you take the train to Castel Gandolfo. Then you already have the most gradients behind you.


Vespa · Fiat 500 · Golf cart · Segway & more

Golfwagen Piazza Farnese

Rome Paola fountain Fiat 500RVespa · Fiat 500 · Golf Cart · Segway & more. Rome as the Romans experience. If you love something special, you will find it here.

I have put together individual and special tours here. A tour with the Vespa, a ride on a Fiat 500, a cooking class, a culinary trip or a hot air balloon ride, here’s the idea that will make your stay in Rome a memorable one.

Individual tours in Rome with Rolling Rome

Rolling Rome Individual tours in RomeRecently, I took a walk through the city center and detected the electric golf carts by Rolling Rome. I think, it’s a very good idea to move around with this carts. You can rent the carts with or without driver, glide almost silently through the city and you can visit difficult to reach corners too.

Rolling Rome is located at Piazza del Gesù No. 47, opposite the Main Church of the Jesuits Chiesa del Gesù, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II between Piazza Venezia and Largo di Torre Argentina.

Rolling Rome rents also bicycles and offers various Segway Tours and E-bike tours. Info and booking

Tours on the Vespa

Rome bike rental vespa rentalThere are two historic symbols for Italian mobility: the Fiat 500 and the Vespa. To move around with these vehicles is the dream of every nostalgic.

At Myvespa Rome, you can rent Vespas and scooters daily and weekly, as well as book guided tours.

Myvespa Roma is located behind the main train station Termini in via Milazzo 3a. Info and booking


With the Fiat 500 through Rome

Individual tours in Rome Fiat 500The old Fiat 500 is a symbol of the Roman “Dolce Vita” – the sweet life. Driver and passenger must move together tightly and also in the Roman traffic can arise quite romantic moments.
Individual tours in Rome fiat-500-160416-6416
Rome 500 Exp offers rides with driver and thematic tours in the convoy.

Starting point of the trips is via Ostilia 48, behind the Colosseum next to the via Claudia on the Celio Hill.
Info and booking


Benefits of Rome Segway tours

Rome Segway tours Capitol
With the Segway on the Capitoline Hill

The Segway is a uniaxial electric scooter and is approved for users with a minimum age of 16 years and a weight of between 95 and 250 lb. The Segway is controlled by weight shifting and reaches a top speed of 12.5 mph. Before you leave, you will be able to learn how to control the Segway in just a few minutes.

With the Segway you can travel in small groups and your guide can customize the tour according to your interests.With the Segway, you’re faster than walking and you are more agile than with the bike. You get comfortable on the Roman hills such as for example the Capitol.
Segways are still a rarity and an exclusive means of transportation in Rome. There are only a few tourists with the Segway on the road and the risk you roll each other over the feet, is low.

Segway Tours in Rome are mostly customized tours and the guide can adapt to your needs. With the Segway, you can drive through the traffic-calmed zones.

With a Segway you can not enter the Coliseum, the Forum, the Palatine Hill or other Museum facilities.