Pope Francis live · Papal Audience live · Angelus · Papal mass live · St. Peter’s square live

Here you can see the broadcasts of Pope Francis general audiences live. You can also see live the Masses, the Angelus Prayer and the apostolic journeys of Pope Francis.

If no other transissions are available you see the webcam in St. Peter’s Square by Vatican Media 24 hours live.

Papal Audience live · Angelus live · Papal mass live · St. Peter’s square live

Here you can watch live the Papal Mass celebrations, the Papal Audiences and the Angelus Prayer of Pope Francis.

If you would like to prepare for a visit to a Pope’s Mass, a Papal Audience or a Angelus Prayer, you can join us here to see how it proceeds.

Vatican Media Live

The General Audiences will take place every Wednesday at 9:30 am when the Pope is in Rome. From 9 o’clock the Pope passes the ranks to greet the visitors.

The Angelus prayer takes place on Sundays and Catholic holidays at 12 noon.

Pope’s Masses take place on high holidays. The calendar can be found on our page with the

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