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There are ice cream parlors in Rome center almost every street corner. Here are a few tips on how to identify a good ice cream parlor and my favorites.

How to find a good ice cream parlor in Rome

There are some signs that can tell you something about the quality of an ice cream parlor:

  1. If the ice lights you in strong colors, chemistry is probably in the game. Natural products do not light up in signal colors.
  2. If a queue forms in front of an ice cream parlor, it is generally a good indication for quality.
  3. If also the laboratory of the ice cream parlor is visible, you are usually on the safe side.

My prefered ice cream parlors in Rome · recommendations


Otaleg Ice cream parlor Trastevere
Otaleg ice cream parlor in Trastevere

Otaleg is one of the brightest stars in the Roman ice cream parlor heaven. In 2014, the ice cream parlor at Via dei Colli Portuensi was voted Italy’s best gelateria and, according to Italian gourmet guide Gambero Rosso, one of the three best ice cream parlors in the region. Since 2018 there is a branch in Trastevere, in Via di San Cosimato 14a. At Otaleg you will find delicious creations with new recipes such as Bourbon vanilla with ginger or Gorgonzola with chocolate and nuts.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Ice cream parlors in Rome Gelateria dei Gracchi
Gelateria dei Gracchi in Via di Ripetta

Three ice cream parlors in the Lazio region have made it into the Gambero Rosso gourmet guide. One of them is Gelateria dei Gracchi. The offered ice creams are based on the available products of the respective season. The Gelateria dei Gracchi has three sales outlets, Via dei Gracchi 272 at Via Cola di Rienzo, Via di Ripetta 261 near Piazza del Popolo and Viale Regina Margherita 212, to the left of Via Nomentana.

Punto Gelato

The South Tyrolean Günther Rohregger has made his name among the Roman ice producers. With him you can find combinations like Madagascar cinnamon or Swiss stone pine. His selling points are in the Via dei Pettinari just before the Sixtus bridge, in Piazza Sant’Eustachio between Piazza Navona and Pantheon and named “The Taste Gelato” in Via due Macelli between the Spanish Steps and the Quirinal.


Il Gelato di San Crispino

Ice cream parlors in Rome San Crispino
San Crispino in the Piazza della Maddalena

This ice cream parlor is one of the pioneers in Rome for natural ice cream. A special feature is that it produces an ice cream, which I would like to call a kind of “full-value” ice cream. Fruits are partially processed with the shell. The result is in part somewhat unusual but excellent.

San Crispino is located near the Pantheon on Piazza della Maddalena and near the Trevi Fountain in Via della Panettiera.

La Gelateria del Teatro

Ice cream parlor in Rome Gelateria del Teatro
Laboratory of Gelateria del Teatro

The ice cream parlor is located in the Via dei Coronari between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant Angelo. Here you can see from the street into the ice lab. The taste combinations are exciting, the selection is great.


Ice cream parlors in Rome Giolitti

One of the most famous ice cream parlors in Rome is Giolitti. At Giolitti, you’ll find ice cream take away and sundaes to eat in a large dining room or outside.  In these mugs the ice is buried under mountains of cream and they replace a lunch.

Giolitti is located below the Parliament Palace Montecitorio in Via degli Uffici del Vicario.


Gelateria Artigianale Cremì

This ice cream parlor is located in the heart of Trastevere in Vicolo de’ Cinque.
In addition to ice cream, you can also get crepes here.


Venchi is a famous chocolate producer from Piedmont and has several branches in Rome.

Ice cream parlors in Rome Venchi
Venchi at the Pantheon

You will find shops selling ice-cream at Termini Station, in Via del Corso between Piazza Venezia and Piazza Colonna, in Via della Croce and near the Pantheon in Via degli Orfani. Other shops are located on the outflow of terminals 1 and 3 in Fiumicino.


Ice cream parlors in Rome GROM
GROM at Piazza Navona

GROM is an Italian chain from Turin, which produces good ice cream. You can find the ice cream parlors in Rome at Termini Station, in Via della Maddalena near the Pantheon, Via dei Giubbonari and Piazza Navona.

Gelateria La Romana

Despite the name, the headquarters of “La Romana” is located in Rimini. If desired, the ice cream cone is first moistened from a chocolate fountain, then excellent ice cream draws on it and finally whipped cream, on request with chocolate or Zabaione.

In Rome, you will find three sales outlets of the Gelateria La Romana, in Via Ostiense 48 from the Pyramid towards San Paolo, in Via Cola di Rienzo No. 2 immediately after the bridge from Piazza del Popolo and in Via XX Settembre 60 opposite the Via Castelfidardo.


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