December 8, Immacolata in Rome · Immaculate Conception Feast

Immacolata in Rome marian column

You are in Rome on December 8 and see processions and praying people in the centre and wondering what’s going on? You are at the Feast of Immacolata in Rome, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. This festival marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Rome. In Rome, the conception of the Virgin Mary is celebrated large and extensive. Find out here what’s going on in Rome on December 8.

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Rome City Festival Peter and Paul · 29 June

Rome City Festival Peter and Paul 29 June

Every year on 29 June, Rome celebrates the Festival of the city’s Patron Saints Peter and Paul. There is also on June 29 June 2020 a great feast. The Festival of the town Patron Saints Peter and Paul is one of the highest feast of the Romans.

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