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Fiumicino Airport to Rome transfer. Whether with Fiumicino Express, Leonardo Express, shuttle bus or taxi, here you will find your best solution from Fiumicino Airport to Termini and to your accommodation in Rome.

Fiumicino Airport to Rome FCO transfer

Fiumicino Airport to Rome transfer infopoint
Fiumicino Infopoint Transportation Terminal 3

The intercontinental airport of Rome Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” is the largest airport in Italy. Fiumicino has the airport code FCO. It’s located approximately 18 miles from the center of Rome. The port of Civitavecchia is 40 miles away.

FCO is very well connected to Rome. A three-lane highway connects the airport with the Rome ring highway. Regular shuttle buses go to the Central Station and the Vatican.

The airport has its own train station, which is directly accessible via pedestrian bridges from terminal 1 and 3 and through an underpass from terminal 3.

From the Rome Fiumicino airport station there is a fast connection to Termini Central Station and a regional ring line with several stops in Rome. Two express train connections Frecciargento and Frecciarossa connect the airport with Florence, Bologna, Padua and Venice.

Shuttle buses to Rome and the Vatican

In Fiumcino airport, the stop of the shuttle buses and the long-distance coaches is on the arrivals level at the end of Terminal 3. Information screens show the departure times.

The shuttle buses go to Termini Central Station and the cost is 8 euros per person per way.

Fiumicino Airport to Rome transfer shuttleThe SIT bus, which you book here at the original price, stops at Termini Central Station in Via Marsala 5. It also stops behind Castel Sant’Angelo in Via Crescenzio and in western Rome on Via Aurelia, near the Cornelia metro station.

New! From Fiumicino shuttle bus + 72h ticket

Shuttle bus from Fiumicino airport to Termini station and 72h ticket Metro/Bus/Tram/Train Rome metropolitan area. The 72h Metrebus ticket is handed out to you by the shuttle bus staff at Fiumicino Airport. The 72 hours count from the first validation in the public transport system (metro, tram, local bus, local train).

Train connections from the airport station

Express connection Leonardo Express

The transfer between Rome Fiumicino and Rome by train is quite reliable. The station is directly connected to the airport.

During the day there is a direct connection every 15 minutes called “Leonardo Express” to Termini Station. The journey is just over 30 minutes, the fare is 14 euros. Children under the age of 12 accompanied by a paying adult are ride for free.

Fiumicino Airport to Rome transfer Leonardo Express TicketsYou can buy tickets online. You then do not have to queue at the machine or at the ticket office. The Internet tickets for the Leonardo Express are valid for one trip on the day booked. If your flight is delayed, you can easily take a later train. The ticket is valid printed or on the mobile phone and is scanned when the track is accessed. The Internet tickets are issued in the name of the passenger and do not have to be validated.

Railway line FL1

Another connection is the Fiumicino Express line FL1, which runs on a ring line through Rome with the last stop at Fara Sabina. Unfortunately, there are more delays and cancellations on this line. The fare from Fiumicino airport to Rome is 8 euros. Children under the age of 12 accompanied by a paying adult are riding for free. This only applies to the route to Fiumicino airport. Otherwise, children between 4 and 15 pay half the normal price by rail.
Linie FL1 zum FlughafenLine FL1 to the airport The line crosses metro line B at Ostiense and Tiburtina stations. For the journey to the station St Peter you must change at the station Trastevere.

If you live in the Roman periphery, the FL1 line may be a good alternative to the links to Termini central station.

High speed train connections

From Fiumicino airport there are two high speed trains per day to Venice, one with the older type ETR600 “Frecciargento” – Silver Arrow, and one with the newest type ETR1000 “Frecciarossa” – red Arrow – with stops in Florence, Bologna and Padua. The travel time to Florence is 2 1/4 hours, to Venice 4 1/4 hours.

Another Frecciargento goes via Florence, Pisa and La Spezia to Genoa. The journey time is 4 1/2 hours.

The tickets for the high speed trains require seat reservation. These tickets must be booked on the internet or at the travel agency. As a rule, no rebooking is possible with the savings tariffs of these tickets for the high speed trains.

The website for the tickets is

Regional buses to Rome and the surrounding area

To travel on public transport, you need time, patience and a certain capacity for suffering.

The regional bus operator COTRAL is a member of the Metrebus consortium. The bus stop is located on the arrivals level at Terminal 2. Buses can be used with Metrebus regional tickets. For the trip to Rome, a three-zone ticket or a single ticket is required.

The metrebus tickets are not valid on the COTRAL lines to Termini station and to Tiburtina station.

It is a bit difficult to find out what the COTRAL timetable is. COTRAL would not be our first choice for the trip to Rome.

Taxis to Rome and Fiumicino

The Aurelian city walls - Mura Aureliane
The Aurelian city walls – Mura Aureliane

The tariffs of the public Roman taxis for the journey from Fiumicino airport to Rome and vice versa are regulated and amount to a maximum of 4 people with luggage:

  • City center within the city walls (Mure Aureliane) 48 Euro
  • Fair 25 Euro
  • Parco dei Medici 30 Euro
  • Ostiense train station 45 Euro
  • Tiburtina station 55 Euro
  • Ciampino airport 50 Euro
  • Port Civitavecchia 120 Euro
  • For the rest of the city taximeter prices apply. The maximum price of areas within the ring road (Grande Raccordo Anulare) to Fiumicino airport is 70 Euro

The fares for the trip to Rome apply to the taxis of the municipality of Rome. Fiumicino taxis may have different rates and may be more expensive. They serve the short distances, such as from the airport to Fiumicino, as well as overland trips.

Do not get involved with people standing at the airport exits and offering their services. Official taxis are located at the taxi stands in front of Terminals 1 and 3. The taxis are painted white and have a taxi sign on the roof. In any case, make a note of the name of the taxi or the license number. Taxis can also be ordered by app or by phone. These taxis have a journey time of 5-10 minutes and wait on the departure level in front of Terminal 2. However, the journey time for their arrival must be paid.

Limousine Service · Car with Chauffeur

A smooth and fast solution is to take the chauffeur driven rental car from Rome Fiumicino Airport directly to the hotel. The driver will pick you up at the exit of your arrivals terminal at Rome Fiumicino airport and will wait for you in case of delays. He picks you up at the hotel and brings you punctually and comfortably to Rome Fiumicino Airport.


Other transfer options

There are of course a number of options for getting to and from the airports. At GetYourGuide you will find a wide range of options for transfers to Rome and other destinations.

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  1. Please help: I will come in: Rome, at 11:50 (D+1) (FCO), ITALY
    Terminal 3, Fiumicino Airport and need to transit to (FCO), ITALY
    Terminal 1 Rome at 12:35 Fiumicino Airport. I have 45min to do this. Will I make it in time or do I request for assistance?

    • Hello, 45 minutes is very tight if you come from outside EU (due to the passport control). If you come from the Schengen area and the arriving flight is on time, you can do it. There is a direct passage from T3 to T1 for transit passengers. If you have incoming and outgoing flight on the same booking and baggage checked through, the airline will give you assistance in case of delay.

    • Hi Mike,
      this depends on the available space and is not guaranteed.
      Alternative: The regional trains allow the use of folding bikes free of cost. On the FL1 line to Fiumicino, bicycles may be taken on extra charge.


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