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Book Rome tickets and tours online quick and easy. Do not waste your valuable time in Rome to queue for tickets and search for guided tours.

Book Rome tickets and tours online

Here you’ll find the most interesting offers. Spoil yourself on your holiday with preferential entry without waiting and with professionally organized and guided tours.

Book in advance the most interesting offers, which sell out quickly. But even if you decide at short notice, here you will still find tickets for the same or the next day.

Vatican, Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basilica

For the Vatican Museums you should book well in advance.

Very time-saving is the three-hour guided tour Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica for a maximum of 25 people. During this guided tour you will go directly from the Sistine Chapel through a special passage to St. Peter’s Basilica, saving you a lot of time. This tour is not available when St. Peter’s Basilica is closed, as on wednesday morning due to the general audience of the Pope.

An insider tip is the four and a half hour long tour, where you can see some specialties that are otherwise inaccessible.


Other offers for the Vatican Museums, such as the early entrance or the evening visit, can be found in my information on the Vatican Museums.

The Visitor Service of St. Peter’s Basilica offers guided tours and audio guide to St. Peter’s Basilica. If you pre-order these offers on the Internet, you do not need to queue for security and come to St. Peter’s Basilica without waiting. During the tour you will learn a lot of interesting things about St. Peter’s Basilica.

Unfortunately, you can not pre-order the tickets for visiting the dome. However, guided tours of the dome are offered.

To attend the general audience of the Pope you need a free reservation. With expert guidance, the organizer will take care of the tickets and your guide will show you the best seats.


The necropolis is the oldest layer under St. Peter’s Basilica and among the grottoes. It dates from the 1st century. In this cemetery, the apostle Peter was buried after his execution. The necropolis can only be visited with expert guidance and by appointment.

Easier to access are other places in the underground of Rome, especially crypts and catacombs.


Castel Gandolfo is easily accessible by train. Once a week in summer a special train leaves from the Vatican station to Castel Gandolfo. You can first visit the Vatican Museums and the Vatican Gardens, then the Popes’ summer residence inCastel Gandolfo. This tour lasts the whole day.


Airport transfer in Rome

Do not leave anything to chance and organize the trip from the airport to the city in advance.
For the journey from Fiumicino airport and Ciampino airport to Rome and the hotel as well as for the trip to the port in Civitavecchia, you will find detailed information here:

Hop on hop off buses

There are numerous providers of hop on hop off buses in Rome. In addition to the standard route, Big Bus offers a “purple” line to the catacombs on Appia Antica. Both lines are booked with the Premium Ticket, the additional night tour with the Deluxe Ticket. The Roman pilgrimage offers a line that has stops at numerous churches.
All information can be found in my article on the Hop on hop off buses.

City tours in Rome

In Rome there are numerous thematic tours. Whether city center, night tour or food tour, on foot, by Segway, a bicycle or other means of transport, here you will find a wide selection.

Online tickets, is it worth it?

There are three places of interest in Rome where are always queues. It is St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Coliseum. For these attractions, the purchase of tickets with direct access is definitely recommended.

The ticket for the Coliseum and the Vatican Museums costs a few euros more than the ticket at the cash desk and it sometimes saves several hours waiting time. Entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica is free, but if you book a tour or audioguide in advance, you will not need to queue but have preferential access.

The cost of the queue

The cost of one hour in the queue can be calculated quite easily. If you are in Rome for three days, the journey between flight, hotel and food costs maybe 600 Euro.

On the three days you have a total of 25 hours for sightseeing available.Two full days of 10 hours each and the arrival and departure day with a total of 5 hours. 600 Euro divided by 25 hours results in 24 Euro per hour and thus one hour of waiting costs 24 Euro.

The queue does not only cost you time and nerves, you also pay for it.

Which guided tours are important

There is a lot to see in Rome. Without guidance you will miss a lot. With a knowledgeable guide you can discover a lot of interesting things and get information about history and backgrounds.

A guide helps you to save time. In St. Peter’s Basilica you get the preferred entrance if you book the tour in advance. In the Vatican Museums you can use the direct access to St. Peter’s Basilica only with guide. This passage will save you several miles of walk and some hours of time. Very important is the guided tour in the Coliseum and you can learn many interesting backgrounds. Without guidance, you can not understand at all in the Coliseum what is important and what functions it had.


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