April 21, 2018 Rome birthday MMDCCLXXI Dies Romana

Rome birthday. On April 21, 753 BC Romulus is said to have founded the city. With this date begins the chronology of the city and thus we have in the year 2018 (in Roman numerals MMXVIII) the year 2771 (MMDCCLXXI) since the founding of Rome.

The date was calculated by the astrologer Tarunzio, a friend of Cicero, shortly before the Christian era.

Events for Rome’s birthday

The association Gruppo Storico Romano organizes exhibitions, events and a move from Wednesday 18 April 2018 to Sunday 22 April 2018 at the Circus Maximus and in the Markets of Trajan.

Historical groups from all over Europe are expected.

On the 21st of April, there will be free admission to the museums of the Municipality of Rome, such as the Capitoline Museums, the Trajan’s markets and the Montemartini Museum.


Wednesday April 18

Dance of the Vestal Virgins of Rome
Dance scene

2:30 – 7pm Meeting with the Association of engineers of Rome and the University ‘La Sapienza’ in the Museum of Trajan’s Markets on the theme of Appollodoro, architect in the service of Trajan and Hadrian

Thursday April 19

2:30 – 7pm Meeting titled “ADRIANO e l’INCLINATIO IMPERII” at the Circus Maximus

Friday April 20

9am – 6pm Photo exhibition of the events of the past years at the Circus Maximus

11am – 12pm at the Temple of Asclepius at the Lake in the Villa Borghese, religious ceremony PRO SALVTE ET FELICITATE REI PVBLICAE

Rome birthday Circus Maximus
At the Circus Maximus

09am – 4pm Information stands at the Circus Maximus at the CASTRVM, topics

  • the Roman school in ancient Rome
  • the medicine
  • the religion
  • the Roman woman: Clothing and make-up
  • the Roman man: Clothing and make-up
  • Legionnaires and Praetorians
  • Children’s Games – Gladiator games for children
Birthday of Rome Gladiators

12:00 – 2:20pm meeting with several writers at the Circus Maximus

2:30 – 3:30pm Children’s games of ancient Rome at the Circus Maximus

4:30 – 5:30pm final of the 16th competition "Dea Roma" at the Capitol

5 – 6:10pm choir ROMAE AETERNA at the Capitol

6:30 – 7:30pm choir ROMAE AETERNA at the Circus Maximus

Saturday April 21

Photo exhibition, information stands and meeting with writers like on Friday

11am – 12pm ADVENTVS DELL’ IMPERATORE ADRIANO at the Pantheon – The arrival in Rome and celebration of the Emperor, who was at the time of Trajan’s death in Antioch and could not come to Rome until the following year 118.

Rome birthday ceremony

3 – 4:40pm various ceremonies at the Circus Maximus

5 – 5:40pm Equestrian Games

6 – 8:30pm music, jazz, Roman folk songs

Sunday, April 22

Rome birthday historical group
Historical group

9am – 6pm Photo exhibition

10am Opening ceremony COMMISSIO FERIARVM

10:30am Welcome to the dignitaries

11am Speech by Mecenate

11:15am Start of the parade

Rome birthday parade
Detail of the move

12:15 – 2pm Laying of a laurel wreath at the statue of Augustus on the Fori Imperiali and blessing of the participants (Rite of Ancient Rome). Return to the Circus Maximus

3 – 5:30 Demonstrations of historical groups at the Circus Maximus

5:30 – 6:30pm The disappearance of the IX Legion and the construction of Hadrian’s Wall

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  1. Does anybody know how you get to take part in the costumed parade procession ?

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