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The most popular travel time – Rome in autumn

Autumn in Rome is the most popular travel season of the year. We will inform you about museums, papal audiences, dates and how you may avoid queues.

Many visitors come to Rome, especially in September and October, and in November it is a bit quieter.

Many visitors focus on the main attractions, especially the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. How to avoid queues you can find out here.

Autumn in Rome – the weather

Autumn in Rome Gianicolo
View from the Gianicolo to the autumnal Rome

Especially in early September it can still be very hot in Rome. From mid-September to early November temperatures in Rome are very pleasant. From beginning to mid-November, the heating season begins.

In autumn it can occasionally come to strong rain. They usually do not last long, but are in part very intense. On a rainy day you should plan a visit to the museum. In a rain shower you can also turn to a church, a shop, a bar or a restaurant.

Autumn in Rome · Avoid queues

Especially if you are only a few days in Rome, it is a pity to waste valuable time in the queue.

Rome in the fall · Quick entry to St. Peter’s and the dome

For access to St. Peter’s, you must pass a security check like at the airport. With a pocket knife you can not pass here. Umbrellas and liquids are ok.

From 7 to 9 in the morning, the security controls are fast, then the queues are getting longer. At the checkout for access to the dome, you almost always find a queue.

The official tour operator of the St. Peter’s basilica Vox Mundi offers fast access through a preferred safety check. You can book your preferred access and the ticket to the dome here:


Here you can find more information about St. Peter’s.

Rome in the fall · Coliseum ticket

On the first Sunday of each month the entrance to the Coliseum is free and there is no possibility for preferential entry. On these days you should avoid visiting the Coliseum.

The quickest access to the Colosseum is with the Roma Pass and the other Rome City Cards, which give you access through a special entrance.

Another option is the preferred guided entrance, which you can book here, or a pre-ordered ticket.

If you want to buy the ticket at the ticket office, you should go to the Palatine in Via di San Gregorio. The checkout is relatively unknown and the queues are not so long. All tickets are valid for two days for visiting the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum.


Here you can find more information about the Coliseum.

Rome in the Fall · Vatican Museum Tickets

On the last Sunday of the month, admission to the Vatican Museums is free and there is no preferential entry. On the other Sundays and on the 1st of November, the Vatican Museums are closed.

At the Vatican Museums you have to pre-register the access for a certain time. You can buy tickets directly on the website of the Vatican Museums, or accompanied entry and guided tours among the offers you can find here.


The special early entry to the museums is also recommended. You will be among the first to visit the museums and the Sistine Chapel in the morning.
Special early entry with breakfast buffet is at 7am.


Special early admission without breakfast is at 8am.


Until the end of October there are also guided tours in the evening, on Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm with last admission at 9:30 pm. You can find these exclusive tours here:


Here you can find more information about the Vatican Museums.

Rome in the fall · Gallery Villa Borghese Tickets

You can visit Villa Borghese Gallery only by reservation. If you have a Roma Pass or any other Rome City Card, you can make a reservation at +390632810.


Enjoy the autumn in Rome

Autumn in Rome St. Peter's Square
Autumn morning at the St. Peter’s Square

The mild climate in autumn in Rome allows for a variety of activities.

Many visitors in Rome pound the whole city on foot. However, this can be very stressful and you need good shoes. In your daily planning, you should therefore specify your preferences exactly.

So we advise you to reserve one day for the ancient Rome around the Colosseum and another day for St. Peter’s, Castel Sant’Angelo and the city center.

A bit faster and more convenient you can visit the attractions on wheels:

We also provide information on jogging and walking.

After sunset a lively and colorful nightlife develops. Popular areas are Trastevere, the Ghetto as well as the area around Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona.

Autumn in Rome · Papal audiences and Angelus

As a rule, the Pope’s general audience takes place every Wednesday morning. The Audiences will be held in September, with the exception of Wednesday 6
September 2017.  On 1 November and 29 November 2017, no general audiences will take place. For the Audiences you need a reservation. Here you can find more information about papal audiences.


The Angelus prayer with Pope Francis takes place every Sunday at 12 o’clock on the St. Peter’s Square. In September it takes place every Sunday with the exception of the 10th of September, in October the Angelus prayer is cancelled on 15th October. Admission is free.

St. Peter’s and the dome are closed until the end of the General Audiences and the Angelus prayer.

All Saints in Rome

All Saints is a national holiday in Italy. Shops and museums are open except for the Vatican Museums.

The Pope’s General Audience does not take place on Wednesday, 1 November 2017. At 12 o’clock the Pope prays the Angelus on St. Peter’s Square.

Autumn in Rome · Museums

The Vatican Museums are closed on 1 November.

The public museums and the museums of the municipality of Rome follow the normal opening hours.


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