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The transfer between Ciampino and Rome requires a certain logistical skill depending on the time of the day. By train, bus, taxi or limo service from Ciampino airport to Rome? Here you will find all possibilities and tips!

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Ciampino Airport is located on the southern outskirts of Rome, on the outskirts of Ciampino, about three kilometers outside the ring road. On the Via Appia, you will get directly to the city center from Ciampino airport.

Limousine with driver from Ciampino airport

A very good transfer possibility from Ciampino airport is the rental car with chauffeur. The driver is waiting for you in case of delays and brings you from the airport directly to the hotel. This is a guarantee especially in the evening, as there are often too few taxis in the evening and at night at Ciampino airport, and public transport is no longer guaranteed. If your arrival is late in the night, you may need to spend the night at the airport. We highly recommend therefore to organize a reliable solution for your transfer from Ciampino airport.


Transfer between Ciampino airport and Rome by train

With the introduction of the new bus line 520 from March 5, 2018, the connection with regional buses to Rome is no longer advantageous.

Ciampino airport is not connected to the railway network. However, there are bus lines connecting the airport to the Ciampino train station and the metro line A station Anagnina.

Ciampino Airport is connected to Ciampino by the regional bus service ATRAL. The journey from Termini to Ciampino train station takes around 12 minutes and costs € 2. The journey with ATRAL to the airport takes about 5 minutes and costs around 1.50 €. Since the departure times are not well-coordinated and irregular, it is however a logistical challenge to arrive in a relatively short time by train from the main station to Ciampino airport. The advantage over the bus connection is, however, that you are not exposed to the imponderables of the Roman traffic and can arrive at a scheduled time at the airport.


Connection to metro line A station Anagnina

From March 5, 2018 there is the new bus line 520 from Ciampino airport to metro line A.

From the Anagnina terminus of Metro A there is a regional bus service to Rome Ciampino Airport. The bus leaves in about every 40 minutes. The journey takes about 15 minutes.

ATAC line 520 to Subaugusta station of Metro A

The bus line 520 departs from the subway stop Subaugusta of metro line A to Rome Ciampino airport and back. It also stops at the metro station Cinecittà and at the station Capanelle of the railway line FL4.

The bus runs every 20 minutes from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm and can be used with the normal city transport ticket and the Roma Pass. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

ATAC line 720 to the station Laurentina of Metro B

The bus line 720 goes from the terminus Laurentina of the metro line B to the airport Ciampino and back. The bus runs approximately two times an hour. The journey takes about 40 minutes, if there is no traffic jam on Via Ardeatina. You can use this line with the normal ticket for city lines and with the City Passports.

The first bus departs from Laurentina station at 5:30 am and may be at 6 am in Ciampino airport, the last bus leaves at 11:30 pm from Laurentina and may be in Ciampino airport at around midnight for the return trip.

Transfer between Ciampino airport and Rome by shuttle bus

There are some bus companies that offer connections to Ciampino airport. Depending on the traffic situation, the journey takes about 40 minutes.

The SIT bus, which you can book here, has the stop at Termini Central Station in Via Marsala 5. The first departure from Termini is at 4:30am, the last departure at 9:30pm. The first departure from Ciampino Airport is at 7:45am, the last departure at 11:59pm.


Transfer from Ciampino airport to Rome – With the taxi to Rome

Especially if you arrive late at night in Ciampino airport, you should consider choosing a taxi or limousine service. In particular, if your accommodation is in the periphery, you might encounter difficulties because the metrolines run during the week only until 11:30 pm and you may be dependent on night connections. The tariffs for the journey from Ciampino airport to Rome and vice versa are regulated and for each vehicle:

  • City center within the city walls (Mure Aureliane) 30 euros
  • Train station Ostiense 30 Euro
  • Train station Tiburtina 35 euros
  • Airport Fiumicino 50 euros
  • The taximeter prices apply to the rest of the city.

Do not rely on people who offer their services at the exit of the airport. These people often demand a lot of money and are not trustworthy. Official taxis are located at the taxi station in front of the terminal. The taxis are white lacquered and have a taxi sign on the roof. Write down the name of the taxi or the license number. Unfortunately, taxis at the Ciampino airport are often scarce. You can try to share a taxi with other travelers. In the case of several destinations, you should agree with the driver in advance a fixed price for all destinations, which you can divide among the riders.


Transfer to Civitavecchia

Rome Ciampino Airport is 53 miles from Civitavecchia Port. The fastest connection is via the Roman ring road and then via the motorway to Civitavecchia. We therefore recommend booking a limousine service for the journey between Ciampino and the port of Civitavecchia.

You can also take the train to Civitavecchia. The train to Civitavecchia leaves from Termini station.

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