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Welcome to Tourist in Rome, your Tourist Guide Online for your trip to the eternal city.

Here, you find tourist information, insider tips, Rome photos and information for advanced visitors and those who want to be. You can book your tickets online here and save a lot of time. Suitable for your interests you can find suggestions for tours, guided tours and activities in Rome.

Experience the diversity of Rome with Tourist in Rome away from hustle and bustle of traffic and well-trodden tourist paths. Even in the Centre, you can find hidden angles and places for quiet moments.

Here, on Tourist in Rome, you will find information for pilgrims, for your short break or for a longer stay. We inform you currently about appointments, events and opening hours!

Vatican City, Vatican museums, and Christian sites · Tourist in Rome




Archaeological sites · Tourist in Rome



The baroque city and the hills · Tourist in Rome



We tell you where you can find the best ice cream shops, where you can eat well, where you can party and which hotels we like.

We will help you in planning your engagement party or your wedding, we accompany you on your photo safari in Rome and we organize photography sessions.

Have fun on our website and in planning your stay in Rome! We are looking forward to your questions and comments.

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Tourist in Rome

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